Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 for photographers [electronic resource] / Philip Andrews.

Andrews, Philip.
Focal Press Staff Corporate Author
1st edition
Oxford : Focal Press, 2010.
1 online resource (545 p.)
Adobe Photoshop elements.
Photography -- Digital techniques -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
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A complete reference guide for all levels of photographers who use Adobe Photoshop Elements.
Cover; Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 forPhotographers; Copyright; Contents; Introduction; Acknowledgements; Section One: Introducing Photoshop Elements; 1 Digital Basics; Photography iseverywhere; The beginning - the digitalphotograph; Creating digitalphotos; The steps in the digitalprocess; Where does Photoshop Elements fit into theprocess?; 2 Photoshop Elements; Top tools for the photographer; The Photoshop Elementsworkflow; The Organizerworkspace; The Editorworkspace; Moving between Organizer and Editorspaces; The Create and Share taskpanes; New and improved features for Photoshop Elements8
Photoshop Elements and PremiereElementsPhotoshop Elements 8 for the AppleMacintosh; Firststeps; The Welcomescreen; Step 1: Getting your pictures intoElements; Step-by-step to betterscanning; Creating newdocuments; Step 2: Viewing yourpictures; Step 3: Imagerotating; Step 4: Cropping andstraightening; Step 5: Automatic corrections; Step 6:Printing; Step 7:Saving; Step 8: Organizing yourpictures; Step 9: Backing up yourfiles; Section Two: The Photographer's Toolkit; 3 Organize; The Organizerworkspace; The WelcomeScreen; The Organizer MenuBar; The Organizer ShortcutsBar; The Organizer BottomBar
Managing your photos with theOrganizerOrganizing and searchingfeatures; Albums - the Elements way to group alikephotos; Locatingfiles; Attaching a MapReference; Protecting yourassets; Bridge - the center for Mac-based imagemanagement; Setting up Bridge; Using Bridge to manage your Elementsphotos; 4 Fix; The Fix TaskPane; Automatic editingoptions; Automating editing of several pictures atonce; 5 Create; Photoprojects; Photo Book and PhotoCollages; PhotoCalendar; PhotoStamps; GreetingCard; PhotoPrints; Flipbook; SlideShows; PDFSlide Show; VCD/DVD withMenu; CD/DVD Labels; CD and DVD Jackets
Web GalleryInstant Movie; 6 Share; Share, share and share alike!; Archiving files directto CD/DVD; Sharingonline; Phone Photos; 7 Raw Shooting; Better digital capture; Enabling your Raw camera; Modifying your capture workflow for Raw; Auto RawConversions; The Adobe Camera Rawutility; Raw Enhancementworkflow; Output options; The manual raw conversion process via ACR; KeepingACR up to date; OtherRaw plug-ins; Raw filequeue; Applying changes across multiple raw files; Applying changes across rated raw files; THE RAW ADVANTAGE; 8 Editor Guided; The Guided editor mode - 'help when you needit'
9 Editor QuickThe Quick editor mode - 'quick changecentral'; 10 Editor Full; The Full Editor interface; Setting up your screen for Elements; Setting Color Management in Photoshop Elements; Brightness and contrast changes; Dodge and Burn tools; Color corrections; Transforming the shape of photos; Section Three: Elements in Action; 11 Advanced Techniques; The importance of BitDepth; Manual tonal control; Specializedcolor control; Highquality sharpening techniques; Retouchingtechniques; Adding texture toan image; Changing thesize of your images; 12 Selections; Selection basics
Beyond One Step Selections
Includes index.
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