Modern MIDI : sequencing and performing using traditional and mobile tools / Sam McGuire.

McGuire, Sam.
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Modern Musical Instrument Digital Interface
1st edition
Burlington, Massachusetts : Focal Press, 2014.
1 online resource (434 p.)
MIDI (Standard)
Sequencer (Musical instrument) -- Instruction and study.
Software sequencers.
Electronic books.
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In the last five years, the environment in which the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) specification works and the tools that communicate via MIDI have changed dramatically. Modern MIDI: Sequencing and Performing Using Traditional and Mobile Tools gives you all the tools you need to properly and effectively use MIDI in a modern setting, while still incorporating vintage MIDI gear. Exploring typical workflows and techniques for both the studio and the performing environment, this book helps you navigate the changes that mobile computing has made to the way the music producer
Cover; Title; Copyright; CONTENTS; Dedication; Acknowledgments; 1 Introduction to MIDI; 1. MIDI Is Everywhere; 2. MIDI Is Incapable of Making Sound by Itself; 3. It Is Possible to Successfully Use MIDI without Knowing Anything about It; 4. Famous People Use MIDI; 5. MIDI Isn't Just for Music; 6. MIDI's Magic Number Is 128; 7. The Key to Using MIDI Is Being a Skilled Musician; 8. MIDI Is a Huge Time Saver/Waster; 9. The Differences between Digital Audio and MIDI Are Fewer and Fewer; 10. MIDI Has Changed Very Little in the Past 30 Years; MIDI Data; Types of MIDI Messages
Channel Mode Messages (Subset of Control Change Messages)System Messages; System Common Messages; System Real-Time Messages; System Exclusive Messages; MIDI Controllers and Subprotocols; CS-10 Controller Assignments; Understanding Parts per Quarter Note; Binary Numbers; Reading Binary; MIDI Files; General MIDI; GS and XG; GM 2; Running Status; Summary; 2 MIDI Hardware; Five-pin DIN MIDI Cables; USB; FireWire; Ethernet; PCI Cards; Wireless (WiFi); Hardware Devices; Local MIDI Settings; Global Settings; Local Control; Hardware Configurations; Summary; 3 Mobile MIDI; iPad Apps; iPad Instruments
Making ConnectionsConnecting Wirelessly; Audio MIDI Setup; Example App/AC-7 Core; Third Party Software; MIDI on Android; MIDI/OSC Control; Musical Instrument Apps; Loop/Sequencer/Sample Apps; Multi-Track Recording Apps; MIDI Considerations when Choosing Instrument Apps; Controllers and Control Surfaces; Sequencers and DAWs; MIDI Utilities; 4 Recording MIDI; Different Entry Methods; Live Performance; Troubleshooting MIDI Inputs; Project Settings; Key Signature; Exercise; Tempo; Conductor Track; Click Track; Exercises; Sounds; Exercises; Latency; Keep the MIDI Path as Simple as Possible
Keep Your MIDI Device Drivers Up to DateUse a Reliable Audio Device with Pro-Quality Drivers; Use Your DAW's Feature Set to Manage Latency; Templates; Additional Controllers; Examples; Downloading MIDI Files; Alternative Performance Techniques; How Triggering Works; Percussion Tracks; Summary; 5 Editing MIDI; Basic Tools and Manual Editing; Quantization; Notation Editors; Advanced and Unique Tools; Basic Tools and Manual Editing; Survey of Typical Tools; Typical Editing Workflow; Example 1; Example 2; Example 3; Additional Editing; Quantization; Note Value; Strength and Sensitivity; Swing
RandomizationGroove Quantization; Examples; Notation; Working with Notation; Note Entry; Editing; Advanced and Unique Tools; Alternate Storage; Transformation Tools; Making MIDI Musical; Imitation Is the Truest Form of Flattery; Comparisons; Groove Quantize; Tempo Changes; Envelopes; Built-In Envelopes; Track Automation; Effects; 6 Mixing; Level Adjustment; Overall Level; Placement in the Stereo Field; Effects; Graphic Equalizer; Parametric Equalizer; Time-Based Effects; Automation; Example-Sculpting Sound Sources; Note; 7 Using MIDI Live; Traditional Setups; MIDI Control
DJs and Electronic Artists
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