The Momentum Effect How to Ignite Exceptional Growth.

Larreche, J. C. Author
[Place of publication not identified] Financial Times/Prentice Hall 2008
1 online resource (352 pages)
1st edition

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A few rare companies have discovered the secret to sustained high growth: momentum. They’ve learned how to create the conditions that lead to exceptional organic growth—which feeds on itself, continually accelerating the business forward. In The Momentum Effect , J.C. Larreche introduces a complete framework for gaining momentum, keeping it, and harnessing its power. Drawing on new research and powerful case studies, Larreche demonstrates the stunning role of momentum in value creation. He sets out the process for developing the “power offers” that lie at the heart of this powerful force. This book offers a systematic process for creating momentum that will work in any business, in any industry, and under any market conditions. You’ll learn how to create new value through a momentum strategy and build the leadership competencies to deliver highly profitable growth over the next six months…five years…even decades. •Pioneer or die: drive momentum and harness its stunning power How momentum-powered firms create 80% more shareholder value •Understand the drivers of momentum strategy Craft power offers, mobilize for growth, and more •Master the Momentum Process: design and execution Eight specific steps to implement a long-term winning momentum strategy •Climb the five-step Momentum Leadership Ladder How leaders can systematically generate and direct momentum "This book shows you how to build momentum for growth and leave your competitors trailing far in your wake!" –Sir Richard Branson "J.C. Larreche’s book, The Momentum Effect , is a must-read. It highlights why more marketing spend and further value extraction are not the key determinants for future growth. To create powerful momentum for exceptional growth, it is essential to offer innovative value to the marketplace. The Momentum Effect outlines just how to achieve this. The results are illuminating. —W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne, Authors of Blue Ocean Strategy "How can companies achieve exceptional and sustained growth? The Momentum Effect explores this challenge and reveals successful strategies for originating new sources of growth and value from customers with the power to unlock great potential.” —Dr. Daniel Vasella, Chairman & CEO, Novartis AG, Basel/Switzerland
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