Introducing Java EE 7 [electronic resource] : A Look at What's New / by Josh Juneau.

Juneau, Josh. author., Author,
1st ed. 2013.
Berkeley, CA : Apress : Imprint: Apress, 2013.
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Introducing Java EE 7: A Look at What’s New guides you through the new features and enhancements in each of the technologies comprising the Java EE platform. Readers of this book will not have to wade through introductory material or information covering features that have been part of the EE platform for years. Instead, developers can pick this book up and read it to brush up on those features that have changed or have been added for the EE 7 release. This handy reference helps you move forward from Java EE 6 to the new EE 7 platform quickly and easily. Java is a mature programming language that has been refined over the years into a productive language widely used in enterprise application development. Although the language contains frameworks and methodologies that have been used for years, it is important to make use of the most current features available in the language in order to achieve the best results. Introducing Java EE 7: A Look at What’s New covers the solutions using the most current Java Enterprise technologies, including EJB 3.2, JSF 2.2, and JAX-RS 2.0. Build a streamlined and reliable application that uses the latest in Java technologies, and develop it much faster than you did with the older technologies. Rejuvenate your Java expertise to use the freshest capabilities, or perhaps learn Java Enterprise development for the first time and discover one of the most widely used and most powerful technologies available for application development today. Get up and running quickly with the new features of EE 7! Designed to get you up and running quickly with the newly released Java EE 7 Includes real world examples of how to use new and updated features. Demonstrates the latest productivity enhancements in the platform.
""Contents at a Glance""; ""Contents""; ""About the Author""; ""About the Technical Reviewer""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Introduction""; ""Chapter 1: New Servlet Features""; ""Non-Blocking I/O""; ""Upgrade Protocol""; ""Enhanced FileUpload""; ""Filter Life Cycle""; ""Security Enhancements""; ""Specifying an Identity for Executing init and destroy Methods""; ""Thwarting Session Fixation Attack""; ""Denying Uncovered HTTP Methods""; ""Changing the Content Length""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 2: JavaServer Faces and Facelets""; ""View Actions""; ""Faces Flow""; ""Defining a Flow""
""The Flow Managed Bean""""Navigating View Nodes""; ""Flow EL""; ""Java API for Flow Context""; ""Packaging a Flow""; ""Ajax Queues""; ""File Upload""; ""Stateless Views""; ""HTML5 and JSF""; ""Passthrough Attributes""; ""HTML5-Friendly Markup""; ""Facelets Enhancements""; ""Exclude XML from Custom Components""; ""@FaceletsResourceResolver Annotation""; ""Resource Library Contracts""; ""Security Enhancements""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 3: Expression Language (EL)""; ""Lambda Expressions""; ""Lambda Concept and Examples""; ""Variable Assignment""; ""Nesting""; ""Passing Lambdas to Java""
""Collections Enhancements""""Sets""; ""Maps""; ""Lists""; ""Supporting Operations""; ""New Operators""; ""String Concatenation Operator""; ""Assignment Operator""; ""Semicolon Operator""; ""Precedence Changes""; ""Static Field and Methods""; ""Stand-Alone API""; ""Defining a Bean""; ""Declaring a Variable""; ""Defining a Function""; ""Utilizing the ELManager""; ""Incompatibilities with Previous Releases""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 4: Object Relational Mapping and JPA""; ""Support for Joins with ON Conditions""; ""Invocation of Database Functions""; ""Bulk Updates and Deletions""
""Downcasting in the FROM and WHERE clauses""""Schema Generation""; ""Support for Database Stored Procedures""; ""Synchronization of Persistence Contexts""; ""Entity Listeners using CDI""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 5: Business Logic Using EJB""; ""General Updates and Improvements""; ""Transaction Life-Cycle Callbacks in Session Beans""; ""Passivation Made Optional""; ""Explicitly Denoting Local and Remote Business Interfaces""; ""Extended TimerService API""; ""JMS Alignment""; ""Embeddable EJBContainer Now Autocloseable""; ""New Features in EJB Lite""; ""Optional Features""; ""Summary""
""Chapter 6: Validating Data""""An Overview of Bean Validation with Java EE""; ""Constraint Validation Annotations""; ""Review: Utilizing Different Validation Techniques""; ""Review: Writing a Custom Constraint Annotation""; ""Contexts and Dependency Injection Integration""; ""ValidatorFactory and Validator Injection""; ""Managed Instances of Requested Classes""; ""Method Validation""; ""Declaring Parameter Constraints""; ""Declaring Return Value Constraints""; ""Cascaded Validation""; ""Customizing Method, Constructor, or Getter Validation""; ""Manual Method Level Validation Invocation""
""Group Conversion""
Includes index.
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