Quicken 2006 for starters : exactly what you need to get started / Bonnie Biafore.

Biafore, Bonnie.
First edition.
Beijing ; Sebastopol, California : Pogue Press/O'Reilly, 2006.
Missing manual.
Missing manual
The missing manual
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Intuit's Quicken is one of today's most popular and convenient ways to keep track of personal finances, and Quicken 2006 For Starters: The Missing Manual for Windows is the indispensable guide to using the program to simplify your finances and make the most of your money. Whether you're new to electronic banking or just new to Quicken, this refreshingly funny and sensible book zeroes in on exactly what you need to get into Quicken fast. It teaches you how do such essential things as: balance your checkbook on your computer, keep tabs on your spending, create and manage a b
Quicken 2006 for Starters: The Missing Manual; About the Creative Team; Acknowledgements; The Missing Manual Series; Introduction; What Quicken Doesn&t Do; Quicken and Accounting; Following the money; Equity; Choosing the Right Quicken Edition; What&s New in Quicken 2006; About This Book; About the Outline; The Very Basics; About; 1. Setting Up Your Quicken Environment; 1.2. Setting Up Your Quicken Data File; 1.2.2. I Am Already a Quicken User; 1.3. Opening a Quicken File; 1.4. The Quicken Guided Setup; 1.4.2. Tell Quicken about Yourself; 1.4.3. Set Your Goals
1.4.4. Add Accounts1.4.4.2. Setting up investment accounts; Setting up accounts for what you own and what you owe; Setting up your paycheck; Setting up bills to pay; 1.4.5. Finishing Up the Guided Setup; 1.5. A Quick Guide to Quicken Preferences; 1.5.2. Setup; Account Bar display; Keyboard mappings; 1.5.3. Calendar and Currency; 1.5.4. Backup; 1.5.5. Investment Transactions; 1.5.6. Register; 1.5.7. QuickFill; 1.5.8. Notify; 1.5.9. Write Checks; 1.5.10. Downloaded Transactions; 1.5.11. Reminders; 1.5.12. Reports and Graphs; 1.5.13. Reports Only
2. Accounts and Categories2.2. Types of Accounts; 2.2.2. Investing Accounts; 2.2.3. Property & Debt Accounts; 2.3. Creating Cash Flow Accounts; 2.4. Editing Account Information; 2.5. Hiding Closed Accounts; 2.6. Categories; 2.7. Customizing Categories; 2.7.2. Adding Quicken Categories; 2.7.3. Creating Categories; 2.7.4. Modifying Categories; 3. Backing Up Your Financial Information; 3.1.2. Backup Reminders; 3.1.3. Automatic Backups; 3.2. Restoring Quicken Backups; 4. Banking, Credit Cards, and Cash; 4.1.2. Navigating a Transaction; 4.2. Quicken&s Quicker with QuickFill; 4.3. Recording Checks
4.3.2. Recording Printed Checks4.3.2.2. Filling in check fields; Mailing addresses; Reviewing the checks to print; 4.3.3. Printing Checks; Printing to preprinted checks; 4.4. Recording Deposits; 4.5. Paying with a Credit Card; 4.5.2. Recording Credit Card Transactions; 4.6. Paying with Cash; 4.6.2. When Your Memory Is Like a Sieve; 4.7. Splitting Transactions; 4.7.2. Editing Splits; 4.7.3. Handling Remaining Amounts; 4.8. Transferring Money Between Accounts; 4.8.2. Seeing the Other Side of a Transfer; 4.8.3. Transfers Masquerading as Checks
4.9. Editing Transactions4.9.2. Recategorizing Transactions; 4.10. Voiding Transactions; 4.11. Searching for Transactions; 4.11.2. Finding All Transactions; 4.11.3. Finding Transactions; 4.11.4. Finding and Replacing Values; 4.12. The Transaction Edit Menu; 4.13. Managing Memorized Payees; Turning off automatic memorization; Deleting memorized payees; 4.13.2. Locking a Memorized Payee; 4.14. Scheduling Transactions; Scheduled transaction frequency; 4.14.2. Paying and Skipping Scheduled Transactions; 4.15. Automating Your Paycheck in Quicken
4.15.2. Setting Up Paycheck Details
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