Windows XP: Home Edition

Pogue, David Author
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Missing manual
1st ed.
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Missing manual.
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Windows XP is the latest, most reliable, and best-looking version of the world's most widely used operating system. The new Windows combines the same stress-tested, extremely stable engine that drives Windows 2000-Microsoft's corporate operating system-with the far superior compatibility of Windows Me. Windows XP offers dozens of important new features. In addition to the vastly more elegant user interface, it offers drag-and-drop CD burning, powerful built-in features for viewing and managing digital photos and music, and a Remote Assistance feature that lets invited PC gurus or help-desk technicians see and even manipulate what's on your screen over the Internet. But one major failing of Windows remains unaddressed in the XP edition: It comes without a single page of printed instructions. In Windows XP Home Edition: The Missing Manual , New York Times technology columnist (and Missing Manual series creator) David Pogue provides the friendly, authoritative book that should have been in the box. It's the ideal users' guide for the world's most popular operating system. The book begins at the beginning: with a tour of the Desktop, the new, two-column Start menu, and instructions for customizing the Taskbar and toolbars. A special focus: Organizing files, folders, and windows for maximum efficiency and minimum clutter. More advanced chapters explore each control panel and built-in application; walk through every conceivable configuration (setting up a PC for Internet use, peripheral equipment, laptop life, and so on); and setting up a small network, including how to share a single Internet connection among several PCs. Finally, special chapters are dedicated to standard rituals of Windows life: troubleshooting, installation, and upgrading. Windows XP Home Edition: The Missing Manual is a one-stop reference for the Windows user. In keeping with the high standards of the Missing Manual line, the book features superb writing, special features for both absolute novices and power users, and complete coverage. If Microsoft could wave its magic software wand and wish for the perfect guide to its flagship product, Windows XP Home Edition: The Missing Manual would appear like magic.
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