Programming ASP.NET / Jesse Liberty and Dan Hurwitz.

Liberty, Jesse.
3rd ed.
Beijing : O'Reilly, 2005.
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Active server pages.
C# (Computer program language)
Microsoft .NET.
Visual Basic (Computer program language)
Web sites -- Computer design.
Web sites -- Design.
Electronic books.
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O'Reilly has once again updated its bestselling tutorial on ASP.NET, the world's leading web development tool from Microsoft. In Programming ASP.NET, Third Edition, authors Jesse Liberty and Dan Hurwitz give you the lowdown on the technology's latest version, ASP.NET 2.0, as well as Visual Studio 2005. Among the most significant improvements to ASP.NET 2.0 are new server controls and services that make you dramatically more productive. In fact, when compared to its predecessor, ASP.NET 2.0 reduces the amount of code you have to write by about 75%. Creating interact
Table of Contents; Preface; About This Book; How This Book Is Organized; Who This Book Is For; Conventions Used in This Book; Support: A Note from Jesse Liberty; Using Code Examples; We'd Like to Hear from You; Safari Enabled; Acknowledgments; From Jesse Liberty; From Dan Hurwitz; ASP.NET 2.0; .NET Framework 2.0; ASP.NET 2.0; New Features; Special Folders Make Integration Easier; Security; Personalization; Master Pages; Navigation; Web Sites Without IIS; Improved Controls; New Controls; Visual Studio 2005 (VS2005); Mobile Devices; On to VS2005; Visual Studio 2005; Start Page; File System
HTTPFTP; Creating Your First Web Page; Projects and Solutions; Solutions; Projects and Files; Templates; Project Names; The Integrated Development Environment (IDE); Layout; Building and Running; Menus and Toolbars; File Menu; New; Open; Add; Advanced Save Options...; Source Control; Edit Menu; Cycle Clipboard Ring (Ctrl-Shift-V); Finding and replacing; Go To...; Insert File As Text...; Advanced; Incremental search (Ctrl-I); Bookmarks; Outlining; IntelliSense; View Menu; Solution Explorer (Ctrl-Alt-L); Server Explorer (Ctrl-Alt-S); Properties Windows (F4); Visible Borders (Ctrl-Q)
Details (Ctrl- Shift-Q)Non Visual Controls (Ctrl- Shift-N); Object Browser (Ctrl-Alt-J); Document Outline (Ctrl- Alt-T); Error List (Ctrl-W, Ctrl-E); Task List (Ctrl-W, Ctrl-T); Toolbox (Ctrl-Alt-X); Command window (Ctrl-Alt-A); Other windows; Refactor Menu; Website Menu; Start Options; Copy Web Site; ASP.NET Configuration; Project Menu; Add New Item... (Ctrl-Shift-A); Add Existing Item... (Shift-Alt-A); Add New Solution Folder; Set StartUp Projects...; Project Dependencies... / Project Build Order...; Build Menu; Debug Menu; Data Menu; Format Menu; Tools Menu; Connect to Device...
Connect to Database...Code Snippets Manager (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-B); Choose Toolbox Items...; Macros; External Tools...; Import and Export Settings...; Customize...; Options...; Window Menu; Help Menu; Dynamic Help (Ctrl-Alt-F4); Contents... (Ctrl-Alt-F1) / Index... (Ctrl-Alt-F2) / Search... (Ctrl-Alt-F3); Index Results... (Shift-Alt-F2); Check for Updates; Controls: Fundamental Concepts; Events; ASP.NET Events; Event Arguments; Application and Session Events; Page and Control Events; Postback Versus Non-Postback Events; IsPostBack; Events in Visual Studio 2005; Multiple Controls to One Event Handler
ASP.NET Server ControlsASP.NET and Browsers; ASP.NET Server Control Class Hierarchy; CSS Styles; HTML Server Controls; Client-Side Processing; Basic Controls; The Basics; Label Control; TextBox Control; HiddenField Control; Button Controls; HyperLink Control; Selecting Values; CheckBox Control; RadioButton Control; Selecting from a List; ListItem Object; CheckBoxList Control; Adding items declaratively; Adding items programmatically from an array; Adding items from a data source; Responding to user selections; RadioButtonList Control; DropDownList Control; ListBox Control
BulletedList Control
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Hurwitz, Dan.
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