Professional jQuery [electronic resource] / Cesar Otero, Rob Larsen.

Otero, Cesar J.
Indianapolis, IN : Wiley Pub., Inc., 2012.
1 online resource (338 p.)
1st ed.
Wrox, Programmer to Programmer PROFESSIONAL jQuery

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JavaScript (Computer program language).
Web site development.
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This book covers jQuery including a developer-level introduction and an in-depth look into some of the more advanced features. The book focuses on features available as of jQuery 1.7.1. but also tries to incorporate feature support in older versions of the library wherever it is relevant. The first few chapters will help you set up a development environment and review important JavaScript concepts. Detailed coverage includes: functions that make up the library and usages of the core jQuery functionsin-depth to select and manipulate HTML elements with jQuery
Professional: jQueryTM; Contents; Introduction; Part I: jQuery Fundamentals; Chapter 1: Getting Started; What jQuery Is Good At; Hardware and Browser Requirements; Obtaining jQuery and jQuery UI; ""Hello World"" Example; JavaScript Conventions Used in This Book; Development Tools; Debugging JavaScript and jQuery; Using the FireQuery Plugin; Summary; Chapter 2: Javascript Primer; Understanding Numbers; Working with Strings; Understanding Booleans; Comparison Types; A Brief Note About Dates; Reviewing Miscellaneous Types; Revisiting Variables; Understanding Objects; Using Functions
Understanding Execution ContextWorking with Scope and Closures; Understanding Access Levels; Applying Modules; Using JavaScript Arrays; Augmenting Types; Applying JS Best Practices; Putting It All Together; Summary; Note; Chapter 3: The jQuery Core; Understanding the Structure of a jQuery Script; Utility Functions; Using JavaScript Unobtrusively; The jQuery Framework Structure; Understanding the DOM and Events; Using jQuery with Other JavaScript Libraries; Summary; Notes; Chapter 4: DOM Element Selection and Manipulation; The Power of jQuery Selectors; Selecting Elements
Selecting by CSS StylesSelecting by Attributes; Selecting by Position; Using Filter Selectors; Custom User Selectors; Doing DOM Traversal; Accessing and Modifying Elements, Attributes, and Content; Working with Content; Generating HTML; Summary; Chapter 5: Event Handling; Understanding the Browser Event Model; Event Capturing and Bubbling; Understanding How jQuery Handles Events; Applying jQuery Event Handlers; Working with Events; jQuery's New Event API; Summary; Notes; Chapter 6: HTML FORMS, DATA, and AJAX; jQuery Data Appreciation; Using Form Validations; Feature Detection with Modernizr
Working with HTML Form ElementsRevisiting Ajax Basics; Applying Ajax with jQuery; Summary; Notes; Chapter 7: Animations and Effects; Animating Elements; Animating CSS Properties; Resizing Elements; Designing Custom Animations; Animations with HTML5 Canvas; Summary; Notes; Part II: Applied jQuery; Chapter 8: jQuery UI Part I-Making Things Look Slick; Theming and Styling; Using ThemeRoller; Using jQuery UI Widgets; Button; Tabs; Accordion; Autocomplete; Datepicker; Dialog; Progressbar; Slider; Summary; Notes; Chapter 9: jQuery UI Part II-Mouse Interactions; Dragging and Dropping; Sorting
Resizing ElementsMaking Elements Selectable; Summary; Chapter 10: Writing Effective jQuery Code; Optimization Techniques; Minimize DOM Updates; More Effective Looping; Caching Objects; Use Efficient Selectors; Consider Skipping jQuery Methods Entirely; DRY; Use JavaScript Patterns; Creating an Application Namespace with a Singleton; The Module Pattern; The Garber-Irish Implementation; Using .data(); The Basics of the .data() API; Fully Leveraging the Data API; Summary; Chapter 11: jQuery Templates; Taming a Tangle of Strings; Separation of Content and Behavior; Code Reuse
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