Head rush Ajax : a caffeinated learning guide to the world of dynamic web pages / Brett McLaughlin.

McLaughlin, Brett.
1st edition
Sebastopol, California : O'Reilly, 2006.
1 online resource (448 p.)
Ajax (Web site development technology).
XML (Document markup language).
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Sick of creating web sites that reload every time a user moves the mouse? Tired of servers that wait around to respond to users' requests for movie tickets? It sounds like you need a little (or maybe a lot of) Ajax in your life. Asynchronous programming lets you turn your own web sites into smooth, slick, responsive applications that make your users feel like they're back on the information superhighway, not stuck on a dial-up backroad. But who wants to take on next-generation web programming with the last generation's instruction book? You need a learning experience that's as co
Head Rush Ajax; Meet your author; Table of Contents (summary); Table of Contents (the real thing); Intro; Who is this book for?; Who should probably back away from this book?; We know what you're thinking.; And we know what your brain is thinking.; This must be important! Don't forget it!; Metacognition: thinking about thinking; So just how DO you get your brain to treat Ajax like it's a hungry tiger?; Here's what WE did:; Here's what YOU can do to bend your brain into submission; Read Me; Tech Reviewers; And there's a lot more...*; 1 Using Ajax: Web Applications for a New Generation
The Web, ReloadedThe old way (think 1999); Welcome to the new millenium!; No more waiting around...; ...when you're using Ajax apps; Ajax apps are asynchronous, too; ""Reloads? We don't need no stinking reloads.""; Ajax to the rescue; Use Ajax to fix the web report...; Reworking the Boards 'R' Us report; The highlight reel: Chapter 1; HTML Refresher; Reviewing the Boards 'R' Us HTML; Step 1: Creating a request object; Step 2: Requesting updated sales; Adding the getBoardsSold() function; Sending the request to the right URL; a glance; What the server used to do...
What the server should do nowThe new script's URL; Initializing the connection; Let's break that down a bit...; Remember our checklist for getBoardsSold()?; Connecting to the web server; The server doesn't need any data.; Reviewing what we've done; There are still some missing pieces; Back to the HTML; Running getBoardsSold() from the web form; Adding an event handler; Step 3: Coding updatePage(); Ajax is asynchronous JavaScript; Where does the response go?; How we see web apps...; Introducing the web browser; The browser just helps out
The browser gives the server's response to your JavaScriptWhat should the browser do with the server's response?; Sending instructions to the browser; Getting the server's response; The browser helps out again; Planning the updatePage() function; Make sure the server is finished; Ready states are connected to your request object's onreadystatechange property; Checking for the right ready state; Showing Katie some Ajax magic; Wait! Stop the presses!; What's going on?; 60 Second Review; 2 Speaking the Language: Making Ajax Request; Break Neck Pizza Delivery; What's the deal?
Solving the pizza delivery problemNo kidding!; Break Neck Pizza, Ajax-style; Diagramming the Break Neck app; Be the Architect; Step 1: Get the customer's phone number; HTML 101: accepting user input; Event handlers connect HTML to JavaScript; Plan first, code later; Event handler roundup; On to the JavaScript; Use the DOM to get the phone number; Connecting the DOM dots; Step 2: Request the customer's address; getCustomerInfo() at a glance; Creating a request object; Plans change; Supporting multiple browsers; Don't annoy the customer!; JavaScript doesn't have to be in a function
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