Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint® Services Step by Step [electronic resource].

Londer, Olga M.
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Step by step Microsot Windows SharePoint services
1st edition
Sebastopol : Microsoft Press, 2005.
Step by step Microsoft Windows SharePoint services step-by-step
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Quickly teach yourself how to make team collaboration easy-and more productive-with Windows SharePoint Services. With STEP BY STEP, you drive the instruction. Work at your own pace through the book's lessons and build new skills using the files on CD. You'll learn exactly what you need to know about using Windows SharePoint Services to help you-and your team-share ideas and information more efficiently! Build your own SharePoint site-a central, Web-based workspace for teamwork and communicationSet up document libraries and Document Workspaces for easy collaboration<
Title Page; Copyright Page; Contents; Getting Help; Using the Book's CD-ROM; Conventions and Features; Quick Reference; Chapter 1 Introduction to Windows SharePoint Services; Chapter 2 Navigating a SharePoint Site; Chapter 3 Creating and Managing Sites; Chapter 4 Working with Lists; Chapter 5 Creating and Managing Libraries; Chapter 6 Working with Library Settings; Chapter 7 Working with Document Workspaces; Chapter 8 Working with Meeting Workspaces; Chapter 9 Working with Surveys and Discussion Boards; Chapter 10 Using Windows SharePoint Services with Outlook 2003
Chapter 11 Using Windows SharePoint Services with Excel 2003 and Access 2003Chapter 12 Working with Web Parts; Supplemental Material - Using Windows SharePoint Services with InfoPath 2003; Supplemental Material - Finding Information on the SharePoint Site; Chapter 1: Introduction to Windows SharePoint Services; What Is Windows SharePoint Services?; Team Collaboration and Sharing; Microsoft Office Integration with Windows SharePoint Services; Windows SharePoint Services User Rights; Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server; Chapter 2: Navigating a SharePoint Site
Navigating the Home Page and the SharePoint SiteNavigating the Site Hierarchy; Browsing the Lists on a SharePoint Site; Browsing the Document Libraries; Understanding Web Part Pages; Chapter 3: Creating and Managing Sites; Creating Sites; Managing Site Users and Permissions; Managing Sites and Child Sites; Changing a Site's Theme; Saving and Using a Site Template; Deleting a Site; Chapter 4: Working with Lists; Discover Default Lists in a Site; Creating a New List; Adding, Editing, and Deleting List Items; Using the Datasheet View; Attaching Files to List Items
Adding, Editing, and Deleting List ColumnsSorting and Filtering a List; Adding and Modifying a List View; Setting Up Alerts; Delete a List; Chapter 5: Creating and Managing Libraries; Creating Libraries; Adding Documents; Adding Pictures; Creating a New Folder in a Library; Checking Documents In and Out from the Document Library; Checking Documents In and Out from Office 2003; Working with Version History; Deleting Documents; Using Alerts; Chapter 6: Working with Library Settings; Configuring a Library; Working with Library Columns; Working with Document Metadata
Creating a View of a Document LibrarySecuring a Library; Using Web Folders to Access a Document Library; Using the Document Discussions Functionality; Deleting a Library; Chapter 7: Working with Document Workspaces; Creating a Document Workspace; Creating a Document Workspace within Microsoft Office 2003; Accessing an Existing Document Workspace; Working with the Office 2003 Shared Workspace Task Pane; Publishing a Document Back to a Document Library; Deleting a Document Workspace; Chapter 8: Working with Meeting Workspaces; Creating a Meeting Workspace
Understanding the Home Page of a Meeting Workspace
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