JPS illustrated children's Bible / retold by Ellen Frankel ; illustrated by Avi Katz.

Frankel, Ellen.
Other Title:
Jewish Publication Society illustrated children's Bible
1st edition.
Philadelphia, Pa. : The Jewish Publication Society, ©2009.
xiii, 240 pages : color illustrations ; 27 cm
Bibel Altes Testament.
Altes Testament.
Bible stories, English -- Old Testament.
Bible stories, English -- Old Testament.
Bible stories.
Jewish Bible stories retold as never before.
The Torah. The creation of the world ; Adam and Eve ; The serpent in the garden ; The first murder ; The great flood ; The Tower of Babel ; Abram and Sarai leave home ; The birth of Ishmael ; Sarah laughs ; Sodom and Gomorrah ; The birth of Isaac ; The binding of Isaac ; Rebekah at the well ; Jacob steals the birthright ; Jacob's dream ; The trickster gets tricked ; Jacob wrestles with the angel ; Joseph the dreamer ; From slave to viceroy ; Joseph tests his brothers ; Pharaoh and the Hebrew midwives ; The birth of Moses ; Moses flees to Midian ; The burning bush ; The ten plagues ; The splitting of the Sea of Reeds ; The gifts of manna and quail ; The Ten Commandments ; The Golden Calf ; The twelve spies ; The rebellion of Korah ; Moses strikes the rock ; Balaam and his talking donkey ; Moses says goodbye
The prophets. Joshua and the battle of Jericho ; Deborah and Yael ; Gideon ; Samson ; Hannah's prayer ; Samuel the prophet ; Israel's first king ; David and Goliath ; King Saul and the witch of Endor ; David conquers Jerusalem ; David and Bathsheba ; The wisdom of Solomon ; Elijah and the priests of Baal ; The still, small voice ; Elisha and the Shunammite woman ; Jonah and the whale
The writings. Ruth and Naomi ; Esther saves her people ; Daniel in the lion's den
Writing a Jewish children's Bible: an author's notebook
The books of the Hebrew Bible.
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Presented to the Penn Libraries by the Board of Governors of Adas Kodesch Shel Emeth.
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Adas Kodesch Shel Emeth (donor)
Katz, Avi.
Library of Adas Kodesch Shel Emeth (University of Pennsylvania)
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