Social medium : artists writing, 2000-2015 / Paper Monument ; edited by Jennifer Liese.

Brooklyn, New York : Paper Monument, [2016] , ©2016
530 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Artists' writings.
Art -- History and criticism.
Artists' writings.
Criticism, interpretation, etc.
"Since the turn of the millennium, artists have been writing, and circulating their writing, like never before. The seventy-five texts gathered here--essays, criticism, manifestos, fiction, diaries, scripts, blog posts, and tweets--chart a complex era in the art world and the world at large, weighing in on the exigencies of our times in unexpected and inventive ways." -- Publisher's description
I. Artists writing on artists writing. Image boink text: the erotic relationship of language and art (2012) / Bill Beckley
Artist/critic? (2001) / Mike Kelley
A constructed conversation between Kay Rosen and Virginia Woolf (2010) / Kay Rosen
In the joyería of the zanahorias (2003) / Jimmie Durham
Maroon (2008) / Moyra Davey
Pegboard (2012) / Ryan Gander
Surprise (2000) / Yve Lomax
LTTR #1 editorial (2002) / Emily Roysdon, K8 Hardy, Ginger Brooks Takahashi
The imperium of analytics (2011) Mira Schor
Escape from discussion island (2009) / John Kelsey
II. Artists writing on art. A lawless proposition (2011) / Paul Chan
Manifesto of artists' rights (2012) / Tania Bruguera
Go for it! (2002) / John Miller
Always the same, always different (2005) / Frances Stark
Black light: David Hammons and the poetics of emptiness (2004) / Glenn Ligon
Starting from the picture: seat of power
a picture of being a woman artist (2013) / Jutta Koether
FUSES (After Carolee Schneemann) (2005) / Caroline Bergvall
Dispersion (2002) / Seth Price
Postineternet: art after the internet (2011) / Marisa Olson
Breaking and entering (2009) / Mary Walling Blackburn
Trying to find the spiral jetty: Robert Smithson (2011) / Tacita Dean
Blog posts on Erased de Kooning drawing (2011-13) / Greg Allen
Fifteen minutes (2007) / Ronald Jones
Ecoaesthetics: a manifesto for the 21st century (2008) / Rasheed Araeen
III. Artists writing on their own work. Still in the cage: two undiscovered Amerindians twenty years later (2012) / Coco Fusco
When thought becomes crime (2006) / Critical Art Ensemble
Why I do ink painting (2014) / Qiu Zhijie
Biography (2013-) / Bruce High Quality Foundation
Studies in leadership (a family affair): prologue (2009) / Fia Backström
The new aesthetic and its politics (2013) / James Bridle
The super flat manifesto (2000) / Takashi Murakami
The Slavs: redeeming the East in Eastern Europe / Slavs and Tatars
Black Dada (2008/2015) / Adam Pendleton
Proposal for total reflective abstraction (2004) / Josiah McElheny
Groundwork (2011) / Helen Johnson
Ideas (2001-2003) / Harrell Fletcher
IV. Artists writing on the art world. What is it to be done?(2003) / Dmitry Vilensky
Politics of art: contemporary art and the transition to post-democracy (2010) / Hito Steyerl
Dear David: an exchange (2013) / Peter Rostovsky/David Geers
Wo/manifesto (2008) / W.A.G.E.
My job description (2001); my new job description (2011) / Adrian Piper
How to be an artist by night (2009) / Raqs Media Collective
**DeaR "young" artist (2006) / Pope.L
Vagabond (feminist notes on victims, opponents, the educationally repressed, and the sites of their contestation) (2014) / Lili Reynaud-Dewar
A future history (2012) / Michael Schwab
The pieces of the game (2007) / Pablo Helguera
Los Angeles to Myanmar (2014) / Koki Tanaka
The islands of evasion: notes on international art English (2013) / Mariam Ghani
Now it seems like a dream (2007) / Renée Green
Tweets (2010-15) Deanna Havas
Miley, Eric, and me: Basel's dazzle and the dark death around us (2014) / Mel Chin
V. Artists writing on the whole world. The artist and the World Trade Center: a fugue (2004) / Olu Oguibe
The effort to survive AIDS considered from the point of view of a race car driver (2002) / Gregg Bordowitz
Some things I probably should not say and some things I should have said (fragments of a diary) (2008) / Emily Jacir
A fortification of race (2006) / Ashley Hunt
Beirut, illusion of a silver Porche (2006) / Naeem Mohaiemen
Blog posts (2006-2009) / Ai Weiwei
Untitled (2008) / Karin Schneider and Nicolás Guagnini
Occupology, swarmology, whateverology: the city of (dis)order vs. the poeple's archives (2012) / Gregory Sholette
It don't gitmo better than this (2013) / Molly Crabapple
Letter from Şener Özmen (2014) / Şener Özmen
A crossing (2015) / Natascha Sadr Haghighian
Unititled (2015) / Juliana Huxtable
VI. Artists writing as art. Script for official welcome (2001) / Andrea Fraser
Excerpts from Reena Spaulings (2005) / Bernadette Corporation
URL for artists statement no. 45,730,944: the perfect artistic website (2000) / YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES
Excerpts from the crystal frontier (1999-) / Mai-Thu Perret
Excerpt from one cycle of memory in the city of L. (2004) / Jill Magid
Excerpt from transcript of the re'search (re'search waits's) (2009-2010) / Ryan Trecartin
Excerpts from the dark object (2010) / Katrina Palmer
Script from the studio visit (2012) / Jayson Musson
Radio Ethiopia (2009) / Karl Holmqvist
Chapter from collapsing in parts (2013) / Cally Spooner
Excerpt from book from the ground (2013) / Xu Bing
Networks in reverse: from the interplanetary internet via the ARPANET to the last pre-internet moment (2013) / Suzanne Treister.
Includes bibliographical references.
Design: Project Projects.
Liese, Jennifer, editor.
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