Molecular Basis and Emerging Strategies for Anti-aging Interventions [electronic resource] / edited by Syed Ibrahim Rizvi, Ufuk Çakatay.

1st ed. 2018.
Singapore : Springer Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2018.
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
1 online resource (XIV, 386 pages) : 67 illustrations, 34 illustrations in color.
Human physiology.
Aging -- Research.
Human genetics.
Stem cells.
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This book describes the nature of aging, age-related disorders, and the molecular principles of emerging strategies for anti-aging interventions, while also discussing the discovery of targets for geroprotective drugs. Although significant medical advances in the treatment and eradication of life-threatening conditions such as cardiovascular and infectious disease have been made over the past five decades, the prevalence of age-related disorders still remains high in older populations. Intervening into aging is the next frontier in contemporary medicine, and will be of increasing importance over time, as other sources of poor health are combated more and more successfully. Given the universal interest in anti-aging strategies, the book will appeal to a very broad audience. It addresses a diverse range of anti-aging interventions - including stem cells, autophagy, senolytics, anti-inflammatory methods, and telomerase induction - that will be of interest to scientists and researchers from various disciplines in the life sciences. .
Chapter 1. Hormesis and Hormetic drugs for healthy ageing and longevity
Chapter 2. Intermittent fasting dietary restriction as a geroprotector.-Chapter 3. Anti-aging properties of Mediterranean diet components in human
Chapter 4. Activation of plasma membrane redox system: A novel anti-aging strategy
Chapter 5. Beneficial effects of alternate-day fasting and calorie restriction on the risk factors for age related diseases.-Chapter 6. Role of phytochemicals in eliciting longevity genes
Chapter 7. Autophagy induction: A promising anti-aging strategy
Chapter 8. The potential role of stem cell reprogramming in anti-aging
Chapter 9. Anti-aging strategies based on telomerase activity
Chapter 10. Epigenetic modification is an attractive target for therapeutic anti-aging intervention
Chapter 11. Antioxidants for health and longevity
Chapter 12. Current approaches of anti-inflammatory dependent anti-aging strategies
Chapter 13. Anti-aging therapeutics based on rapalogs and mTOR inhibitors Exercise-induced anti-aging mechanisms
Chapter 14. AMPK activation: An emerging anti-aging strategy
Chapter 15. Sirtuin activators and brain aging
Chapter 16. Glycolytic inhibitors as tools for developing caloric restriction mimetics
Chapter 17. Novel classification perspective of geroprotective and senolytic drugs as an anti-aging strategy
Chapter 18. The place of geroprotective agents in life quality and longevity of companion animals
Chapter 19. Management of sarcopenia for successful aging
Chapter 20. Impact of sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity in healthy aging
Chapter 21. Klotho levels may be an innovative approach for mitigating age-related diseases
Chapter 22. Melatonin and its anti-aging activity. .
Rizvi, Syed Ibrahim. editor., Editor,
Çakatay, Ufuk. editor., Editor,
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