Biomarkers in Bone Disease [electronic resource] / edited by Victor R. Preedy.

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Biomarkers in Disease: Methods, Discoveries and Applications, 2542-3657
Biomarkers in Disease: Methods, Discoveries and Applications, 2542-3657
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In the past decade there has been a major sea change in the way disease is diagnosed and investigated due to the advent of high throughput technologies, such as microarrays, lab on a chip, proteomics, genomics, lipomics, metabolomics et cetera These advances have enabled the discovery of new and novel markers of disease relating to autoimmune disorders, cancers, endocrine diseases, genetic disorders, sensory damage, intestinal diseases et cetera In many instances these developments have gone hand in hand with the discovery of biomarkers elucidated via traditional or conventional methods, such as histopathology or clinical biochemistry. Together with microprocessor-based data analysis, advanced statistics and bioinformatics these markers have been used to identify individuals with active disease or pathology as well as those who are refractory or have distinguishing pathologies. New analytical methods that have been used to identify markers of disease and is suggested that there may be as many as 40 different platforms. Unfortunately techniques and methods have not been readily transferable to other disease states and sometimes diagnosis still relies on single analytes rather than a cohort of markers. There is thus a demand for a comprehensive and focused evidenced-based text and scientific literature that addresses these issues. Hence the formulation of Biomarkers in Disease. The series covers a wide number of areas including for example, nutrition, cancer, endocrinology, cardiology, addictions, immunology, birth defects, genetics, and so on. The chapters are written by national or international experts and specialists.
Serum uric acid and biomarkers of lumbar spine bone mineral density
Use of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity and disease severity to determine secular changes in bone disease as applied to Paget's disease of the bone
Bone Turnover and Spinal Cord Injury
Bone-related proteins as markers in vascular remodelling
Serum Sclerostin as Biomarker in Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) assays and applications to bone disease: Overview on methodology
Registered microcomputed tomography data as a four dimensional imaging biomarker of bone formation and resorption
Use of bone biomarkers after weight loss: Example of bariatric surgery
Adiponectin as biomarker of osteoporosis
Effect of statins on bone turnover markers
Chitinases as biomarkers in bone studies
Hormone relaxin as biomarker for bone health and disease
Panoramic radiomorphometric indices of mandible: Biomarker for osteoporosis
Hip Fracture Risk is Strongly Related to Circulating Levels of the Advanced Glycation End-product Carboxy-Methyl Lysine (CML)
Effects of glucose on bone markers: Overview of current knowledge with focus on diabetes, glucose, and bone markers
Traditional medicine and use of bone biomarkers
Osteosarcoma Biomarkers discovery using "omics" approaches
Creatine kinase as biomarker in osteogenesis imperfecta
Ameloblastin as biomarker of bone
Biomarker genes in autosomal dominant osteopetrosis type II (ADO II)
Bone markers in Rett syndrome
Bone Specific Alkaline Phosphatase and Exercise
Bone turnover markers and glucocorticoid treatments
Overview of biochemical markers of bone metabolism
Biomarkers of natural radionuclides in bone and teeth
Bone markers throughout sexual development: epidemiological significance and population-based findings
Parathyroid hormone (PTH) and the relationship between PTH and bone health: structure, physiology, actions, and ethnicity
Quantitative ultrasound as a biomarker tool in newborn infants for bone
Bone biomarkers in gestational hypertension
Bone biomarkers in intrauterine growth restriction
Raman spectroscopy as a biomarker-investigative tool in bone metabolism
Pentosidine as a biomarker for poor bone quality and elevated fracture risk
Spine bone texture and the trabecular bone score (TBS)
Bone biomarkers in HIV
Bone Biomarkers Related to Osteoarthritis
Dietary Soy Phytoestrogens and Biomarkers of Osteoporosis
Utilisation and reference values of osteocalcin and procollagen type 1 n-propeptide
Analysis of integrin alpha2beta1 (a2b1) expression as a biomarker of skeletal metastasis
Circulating Sclerostin in Bone Sclerosing Disorders
Pentraxin 3 as a bone biomarker
Sirtuins as markers of bone disease: a focus on osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
Tartarate resistant acid phosphatase as a biomarker of bone remodeling. .
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