Ciliate Atlas: Species Found in the South China Sea [electronic resource] / edited by Xiaozhong Hu, Xiaofeng Lin, Weibo Song.

1st ed. 2019.
Singapore : Springer Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2019.
Biomedical and Life Sciences (Springer-11642)
1 online resource (XVII, 936 pages) : 627 illustrations in color.
Aquatic biology.
Microbial ecology.
Marine sciences.
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This atlas aims to provide a 'one-stop' reference source of basic data on tropical marine ciliates that should be used for researchers worldwide. As one of main components, ciliates play vital roles in the microbial food web. Studies of ciliate diversity are, however, constrained by a lack of modern monographs and guides for the identification of tropical marine ciliates. Therefore, an image-rich guide or atlas like this book will undoubtedly be of great benefit for those who are not trained in ciliate taxonomy but who encounter ciliates in disciplines such as ecology, environmental biology, aquaculture and other related fields. We have carried out in-depth studies on ciliates along the coastal area of South China Sea for more than ten years and got a lot of 'first-hand' data. This atlas will assemble diagrams and photomicrographs of 315 free-living species of ciliate that have been found in the coastal area of the South China Sea. To be reader-friendly, habitats, ecological features and key references as well systematics will be provided for every species.
Chapter 1. Class Mesodiniea Chen and others, 2015
Chapter 2. Class Karyorelictea Corliss, 1974
Chapter 3. Class Heterotrichea Stein, 1859
Chapter 4. Class Armophorea Lynn, 2004
Chapter 5. Class Litostomatea Small and Lynn, 1981
Chapter 6. Class Nassophorea Small and Lynn, 1981
Chapter 7. Class Phyllopharyngea de Puytorac and others, 1974
Chapter 8. Class Prostomatea Schewiakoff, 1896
Chapter 9. Class Oligohymenophorea de Puytorac and others, 1974
Chapter 10. Class Protocruziea Gao and others, 2016
Chapter 11. Class Spirotrichea Bütschli, 1889. .
Hu, Xiaozhong. editor., Editor,
Lin, Xiaofeng, editor., Editor,
Song, Weibo, editor., Editor,
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