The best American infographics 2016 / introduction by Robert Krulwich ; edited by Gareth Cook.

Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016.
180 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 30 cm.
Best American series
Best American series

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Other Title:
American infographics 2016
Computer graphics -- United States.
Visual communication -- United States.
Communication -- Graphic methods.
Information visualization -- United States.
Charts, diagrams, etc. -- Design.
Computer graphics.
Information visualization.
Visual communication.
United States.
The latest addition to the Best American series, featuring the most creative and effective visualizations of data from the past year.
Dear Data / Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec
Occupations at the Ballot Box / Mark Edmond
What Do Americans Do All Day? / Nathan Yau
The Prospects for Pot / John Tomanio, Bryan Christie, and Shelley Sperry
Life During Wartime / Philip Bump
An Elemental Table of Sweets / Patterson Clark and Lazaro Gamio
The Deadliest Jobs in America / Christopher Cannon, Adam Pearce, and Alex McIntyre
Smell the City / Rossano Schifanella, Daniele Quercia, and Luca Aiello How Long You Have left to Live (On Average) / Nathan Yau
A Tax Bracket History / Alvin Chang
Watching Jobs As They Fall and Rise / Andrew Van Dam and Renee Lightner
A Year in the Life of the Data Artist / Nicholas Felton
How the Parties Came Apart / Mauro Martino, Clio Andris, and David Lee
Who's Buying American Elections / Wilson Andrews, Amanda Cox, Evan Grothjan, Yuliya Parshina-Kottas, Graham Roberts, and Karen Yourish
Two Longtime Queens, Compared / Karishma Sheth, Thomas Alberty, Marvin Orellana, Jody Quon, Ian Epstein, Christopher Bonanos, and Adam Moss A Live View of Super Bowl Odds / Stuart A. Thompson, Palani Kumanan, and Jim Chairusmi
Vaccines to the Rescue / Tynan DeBold and Dov Friedman
The Real New Landscape of Detroit / Martin Gamache, Kelsey Nowakowski, Heidi Schultz, David Whitmore, and Noah Urban
A Centennial Look at Relativity's Influence / Jer Thorp, Noa Younse, Genevieve Hoffman, Ellery Royston, Jen Christiansen, Gary Stix, and Clara Moskowitz
Every Presidential Candidate Talks Like a Book / Josh Katz
Refugee Flows / Ed Johnson, Elaine Ayo, Amanda Silverman, Josef Reyes, and Mindy Kay
Game of Thrones of Doom / Shelly Tan and Alberto Cuadra
Sketch Artists in Chief / Various US presidents, various cartoonists, Samuel Granados, and Bonnie Berkowitz
What the Jukebox Knows / Elliott Ramos
Who Pollutes and Who Suffers Most / Valerio Pellegrini and Emily Newhook
Who Came to America When / Natalia Bronshtein
What Incarceration Costs Chicago City Blocks / Forest Gregg, Cathy Deng, Derek Eder, Eric van Zanten, Daniel Cooper, and Ryan Lugalia-Hollon
Stories of Past and Future / Randall Munroe The Syrian Death-Toll Flag / Richard Johnson, Tim Curran, Kevin Uhrmacher, Brian Cleveland, and Laris Karklis
Where the People Are / Bill Rankin
The Human Toll of World War II / Neil Halloran and Andy Dollerson
From "Uncle" to "Thang" / David Taylor
The Heights of Crime / Doug McCune
Uber for Everything / Kristin Lenz, Bobbie Gossage, and Jennifer Alsever
Urban Poverty's Rising Tide / Justin Palmer
Oscar Thanks, by the Numbers / Paul North, Chloe Williamson, William Hughes, and Baker Wilcox
Christie's Bridgegate / Bill Marsh and Kate Zernike
The Atlantic slave trade in two minutes / Andrew Kahn and Jamelle Bouie
Who's fighting whom in Syria / Derreck Johnson, Joshua Keating, and Chris Kirk
How baseball evolved / Andrew Garcia Phillips
Where they saw Mary / Virginia W. Mason, Michael O'Neill, Eve Conant, and Victoria Sgarro
Material World. 163 years of Atlantic hurricanes / Valerio Pellegrini, Raul Aguila, Grace Dobush, and Sarah Fallon
What country is beyond the horizon / Weiyi Cai, Laris Karklis and Ana Swanson
How to hack science / Ritchie King and Christie Aschwanden
Trajan's Column / Fernando G. Baptista, Daniela Santamarina, Emily Eng, Jeremy Berlin, Samantha Welker, Amanda Hobbs, and Kenneth Garrett
The essence of a western / Kevin L. Ferguson
What's really warming the world? / Eric Roston and Blacki Migliozzi
Inside the dolphin brain / Fernando G. Baptista, Shizuka Aoki, Daniela Santamarina, Mesa Schumacher, and Rachel Hartigan
The globe of economic complexity / Romain Vuillemot and Owen Cornec
How the Pope rolls / Kevin Uhrmacher and Richard Johnson
Single-minded maps / Studio Forage
An impossible map of electricity / Pierluigi Scotolati
How long will this baseball record last? / Joe Ward, Josh Katz, and Larry Buchanan
One day with a dwarf planet / Alexandra Witze, Lauren Morello, Jasiek Krysztofiak, Kelly Krause, and Wesley Fernandes
A literary road map / Richard Kreitner and Steven Melendez
A dizzying view of El Capitan's dawn wall / Shan Carter, Wilson Andres, Derek Watkins, and Joe Ward
The scenic route / Eric Fisher
Our avian future / Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez, Breanna Draxler, and Katie Peek
The future of bonds in 3D / Gregor Aisch and Amanda Cox
A galaxy of trees / Jasiek Krzysztofiak, Kelly Krause, Wesley Fernandes, Matt Crenson, Jan Willem Tulp, and Rachel Ehrenberg
Draining the Colorado / Abraham Lustgarten, Al Shaw, Jeff Larson, Amanda Zamora, Lauren Kirchner, and John Grimwade
Drone work around the world / Caleb Bennet, Christy Sheppard Knell, Francesco Muzzi, Lauren Smiley, and Sarah Fallon
Best American infographics brain trust.
"Mariner Books."
Includes bibliographical references.
Cook, Gareth, 1969- editor, writer of foreword.
Krulwich, Robert, writer of introduction.