Suriname Minhagim, Luaḥ, and Seder ha-parshiyot, 1860-1869.

Levie, J.J., 19th century.
2 volumes (19, 15 leaves), : paper ; 87 x 56 mm bound to 89 x 58 mm.
Jews -- Suriname -- Paramaribo -- 19th century.
Suriname -- History -- Sources.
Codices (bound manuscripts)
Manuscripts, Hebrew -- 19th century.
Manuscripts, Dutch -- 19th century.
In Dutch and Hebrew.
A ḥazan in Paramaribo; the Levie family members were cantors in Paramaribo.
These are two manuscripts from a set of three miniature volumes of the liturgy records of the ḥazan; hastily written lines and cross-throughs indicate his personal use. The manuscripts follow a left-hinge style of layout following the Dutch writing; the texts follow the minhag, or individual custom of Suriname. Items of interest from the first volume: phonetic transliterations include mention of an "Aronqudes", meaning "Aron ha-ḳodesh" (the holy ark, f. i verso, 18v); mention is made of "De Elkana van Kipoor", a reference to the hafṭarah portion for Rosh ha-Shanah 1 (from Samuel 1:1-2:10, about Elkanah father of Samuel the prophet; it is unclear why the scribe assigns it to Yom Kippur, f. 6r); a list of simple phrases (such as "Torah | ʻodenu" (likely a reference to Numbers 11:33); "Neviʼim | Barukh H. le-ʻolam | Ketuvim | lekhu neraninah | Mishnah | kol yiśraʼel"; f. 16r), referring to portions Levie assigned or read in the synagogue. Items from the second volume are material for Jewish holidays, with the first word reading "poerim" (i.e. Purim; f. iv) and the following folio headed as "Judendagen", or Jewish days (f. 1r); "Sabbath gazon" (for Shabat ḥazon, for the Shabat preceding Tishʻah be-Av, f. 2r); and "Rosj hasjana" (f. 14v). There is a mention of an Abraham E. Gomperts (f. 14r). The last leaf of the second volume is detached. The latest date in the first volume is 1862 (f. 18v) and the second 1869 (f. 13v). Both are written in informal paragraphs with the Dutch in cursive script and the Hebrew in square script. Bound in soft wrappings, original. Written in Paramaribo, the capital of the Dutch colony of Suriname.
The third volume in the set is a printed prayer book cataloged separately under the title Minḥat ʻerev li-vene Sefarad... (Amsterdam: D. de Miranda & Co., 1865).
Penn Provenance:
Formerly owned by Dutch filmmaker and author Willy Lindwer (stamp, Willy Lindwer Judaica Collectie, inside housing).
Sold by Michael Landy (New York), 2013.
Purchased for the Penn Libraries in 2013 by Arnold and Deanne Kaplan (Michael Landy, 2013).
Cited as:
UPenn CAJS MS 56, Codex 022.1-2.
Lindwer, Willy, former owner.
Kaplan, Arnold, donor.
Kaplan, Deanne, donor.
Arnold and Deanne Kaplan Collection of Early American Judaica (University of Pennsylvania)
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