Schodek, Daniel L., 1941-
Seventh edition / Daniel 1. Schodek, Martin Bechthold.
Boston : Pearson, [2014] , ©2014
xiii, 549 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
Structural analysis (Engineering)
Structural design.
Structural analysis (Engineering)
Structural design.
Part I. Introductory concepts : Structures: an overview : General types of structures ; Analysis and design of structures: basic issues ; Funicular structures ; Other classifications
Principles of mechanics : Forces and moments ; Equilibrium ; Internal forces and moments ; Introduction to stresses ; Mechanical properties of materials ; Deformations in tension and compression members
Introduction to structural analysis and design : Analysis and design criteria ; Analysis and design process ; Loads on structures ; Modeling the structure ; Load modeling and reactions
Part II. Analysis and design of structural elements : Trusses : General principles ; Analysis of trusses ; Design of trusses
Funicular structures: cables and arches : Introduction to funicular structures ; General principles of funicular shapes ; Analysis and design of cable structures ; Design of cable structures ; Analysis and design of arches
Beams : General principles ; Analysis of beams ; Design of beams
Members in compression: columns : General principles ; Analysis of compression members ; Design of compression members
Continuous structures: beams : General principles ; Analysis of indeterminate beams ; Design of indeterminate beams
Continuous structures: rigid frames : General principles ; Analysis of rigid frames ; Design of rigid frames
Plate and grid structures : Grid structures ; Plate structures ; Design of two-way plate structures: general objectives for plate, grid, and space-frame structures ; Design of reinforced-concrete two-way systems ; Space-frame structures ; Folded-plate structures
Membrane and net structures : Pneumatic structures ; Analysis and design of net and tent structures
Shell structures : Spherical shell structures ; Cylindrical shells ; Hyperbolic paraboloid shells ; Free-form surfaces ; Grid shells
Part III. Principles of structural design : Structural elements and grids: general design strategies : Structural element selection and system organization ; Typical horizontal grids ; Multistory grids ; Irregular and disrupted grids ; Programmatic and spatial issues
Structural systems: design for lateral loadings : Lateral forces: effects on the design of structures ; Earthquake design considerations
Structural systems: constructional approaches : Wood construction ; Reinforced-concrete construction ; Steel construction ; System integration ; Life safety ; Foundations and retaining walls
Structural connections : Basic joint geometries ; Basic types of connectors
Appendices : Conversions
Nonconcurrent force systems ; Moments of distributed loads ; Centroids ; Moments of inertia ; Bending stresses in beams ; Shearing stresses in beams ; Moment-curvature relations ; Deflections ; Moment-area theorems: slopes and deflections ; Other methods of analyzing indeterminate structures ; Reinforced-concrete beams: detailed U.S. design procedures ; Critical buckling loads for compression members ; Code-based design of timber columns ; Computer-based methods of analysis: force and matrix-displacement techniques ; Computer-based methods of analysis: finite-element techniques ; Typical U.S. steel shapes: properties ; Typical material properties.
Includes index.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Bechthold, Martin.
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Online version: Schodek, Daniel L., 1941- Structures.
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