Manual of Romance Sociolinguistics / Wendy Ayres-Bennett, Janice Carruthers.

Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter, [2018]
Manuals of romance linguistics ; Volume 18.
Manuals of Romance Linguistics ; 18
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Romance languages.
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The Romance languages offer a particularly fertile ground for the exploration of the relationship between language and society in different social contexts and communities. Focusing on a wide range of Romance languages - from national languages to minoritised varieties - this volume explores questions concerning linguistic diversity and multilingualism, language contact, medium and genre, variation and change. It will interest researchers and policy-makers alike.
Manuals of Romance Linguistics
Table of Contents
0. Romance sociolinguistics: past, present, future / Ayres-Bennett, Wendy / Carruthers, Janice
Methodological issues
1. Annotating oral corpora / Bergounioux, Gabriel / Jacobson, Michel / Pietrandrea, Paola
2. Quantitative approaches for modelling variation and change: a case study of sociophonetic data from Occitan / Mooney, Damien
3. Collecting and analysing creole data / Sippola, Eeva
4. Fieldwork and building corpora for endangered varieties / Repetti, Lori
5. Romance dialectology: from the nineteenth century to the era of sociolinguistics / Manzano, Francis
Variation and change
6. Speaker variables in Romance: when demography and ideology collide / Armstrong, Nigel / Mackenzie, Ian
7. Speaker variables and their relation to language change / D'Agostino, Mari / Paternostro, Giuseppe
8. Variation and grammaticalization in Romance: a cross-linguistic study of the subjunctive / Poplack, Shana / Cacoullos, Rena Torres / Dion, Nathalie / Berlinck, Rosane de Andrade / Digesto, Salvatore / Lacasse, Dora / Steuck, Jonathan
9. Historical sociolinguistics and tracking language change: sources, text types and genres / Ayres-Bennett, Wendy
10. Speaker-based approaches to past language states / Anipa, Kormi
11. Variation and prescriptivism / Costa-Carreras, Joan
Medium, register, text type, genre
12. Oral genres: concepts and complexities / Carruthers, Janice
13. Register and text type / Zafiu, Rodica
14. New Media: new Romance varieties? / Kallweit, Daniel
15. Medium and creole / Ludwig, Ralph
Linguae minores / Minoritized languages: status, norms, policy and revitalization
16. Language policies in the Romancespeaking countries of Europe / Bochmann, Klaus
17. Linguistic diversity in Spain / Ramallo, Fernando
18. The languages and dialects of Italy / Berruto, Gaetano
19. Multilingualism in Switzerland / Grünert, Matthias
20. Revitalization and the public space / Blackwood, Robert
21. Revitalization and education / Ghimenton, Anna / Depau, Giovanni
Language contact
22. Romance in contact with Romance / Schulte, Kim
23. Language contact between typologically different languages: functional transfer / Escobar, Anna María
24. When Romance meets English / McLaughlin, Mairi
25. Language contact in a rural community / Bullock, Barbara E.
26. Code-switching and immigrant communities: the case of Italy / Goglia, Francesco
27. The metropolization of French worldwide / Gadet, Françoise / Hambye, Philippe
28. Transnational migration and language practices: the impact on Spanish-speaking migrants / Mar-Molinero, Clare / Paffey, Darren
Index of concepts
Index of names
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Ayres-Bennett, Wendy, editor.
Carruthers, Janice, editor.
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10.1515/9783110365955 doi
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