Corporate Event Video: Producing Company Meetings and Presentations/ with Jem Schofield.

Schofield, Jem speaker.
Carpenteria, CA::, 2019.
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Learn how to plan for and shoot a variety of corporate- and brand-focused content such as company meetings, product launches, and presentations.
Producing a video of a corporate event is often a juggling act. Producers need to find the right space, crew and equipment, support the presenters, and grapple with all the uncertainties that come with putting on live events. In this course, Jem Schofield shows how to tackle all the moving parts of such a production, stepping through how to plan for and shoot company-focused content. Jem kicks off the course by covering the planning and pre-production stages, which includes identifying the type of event that will be filmed, choosing a location, and determining the size of the crew needed to produce the content. He also goes over the types of equipment you'll need for various types of productions, how to work in dedicated corporate video spaces, and more.
Presenter: Jem Schofield
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