Challenging the borders of justice in the age of migrations / Juan Carlos Velasco, MariaCaterina La Barbera, editors.

Cham, Switzerland : Springer [2019]
Studies in global justice; v. 18.
Studies in Global Justice ; Volume 18
x, 267 pages ; 25 cm.
Emigration and immigration.
Emigration and immigration law.
Social justice.
Human rights and globalization.
"The volume gathers theoretical contributions on human rights and global justice in the context of international migration. It addresses the need to reconsider human rights and the theories of justice in connection with the transformation of the social frames of reference that international migrations foster. The main goal of this collective volume is to analyze and propose principles of justice that serve to address two main challenges connected to international migrations that are analytically differentiable although inextricably linked in normative terms: to better distribute the finite resources of the planet among all its inhabitants; and to ensure the recognition of human rights in current migration policies. Due to the very nature of the debate on global justice and the implementation of human rights and migration policies, this interdisciplinary volume aims at transcending the academic sphere and appeals to a large public through argumentative reflections. Challenging the Borders of Justice in the Age of Migrations represents a fresh and timely contribution"--Publisher's description.
De-bordering justice in the age of international migration : an introduction / Juan Carlos Velasco and MariaCaterina La Barbera
Part I. Human mobility, borders and global justice
Healing the scars of history : borders, migration, and the reproduction of structural injustice / Juan Carlos Velasco
The priority of compatriots as a challenge to global justice : the case of open borders / Federico Arcos
Common ownership of the earth and immigration : human mobility in a Kantian perspective / Daniel Loewe
Human mobility and borders : the limits of global justice / José A. Zamora
Part II. Migration policies and global justice
Ethical dimensions of migration policies : a critical cosmopolitan perspective / Isabel Turégano
Expanding the idea of structural injustice : migrants and global justice / Francisco Blanco Brotons
Migration and social suffering / Alessandro Pinzani
Global residents in urban networks : the right to asylum in European cosmopoleis / David Álverez
Part III. Gendering global justice in the age of migrations
Claims for global justice : migration as lived critique of injustice / Zuzana Uhde
Toward global justice : intersecting structural vulnerabilities as a key category for equality policies in the age of bordered migrations / MariaCaterina La Barbera
Vulnerability, freedom of choice and structural global injustices : the "consent" to exploitation of migrant women workers / Alessandra Sciurba
Integrating Muslim women within European societies : Muslim human rights discourse and the cross-cultural approach to human rights in Europe / Sonia Boulos.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Velasco, Juan Carlos, editor.
La Barbera, MariaCaterina, editor.
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