The Third Woman : minority women writers of the United States / edited by Dexter Fisher Director of English Programs, Modern Language Association..

Boston : Houghton Mifflin Company, [1980].
xxx, 594 pages ; 24 cm
American literature -- Women authors.
American literature -- Minority authors.
American literature -- 20th century.
Minorities -- United States -- Literary collections.
Women -- United States -- Literary collections.
American literature.
American literature -- Minority authors.
American literature -- Women authors.
United States.
Literary collections.
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United States Massachusetts Boston.
American Indian Women Writers: Introduction; Stories and Their Tellers-A Conversation with Leslie Marmon Silko; XXI From THen Badger Said This / Elizabeth Cook-Lynn; Legend of the Trail of Tears / Elizabeth Sullivan; Marriage / Helen Seqaquaptewa
Traditions, Narratives and Fiction. The Great Spirit Names the Animal People: How Coyote Came By His Power / Mourning Dove; The Changing Woman / Navajo Origin Myth; The Changing Woman Story / Kay Bennett; Gallup, New Mexico-Indian Capital of the World / Leslie Marmon Silko; The Snow Keeps Falling / Janet Campbell; Zuma Chowt's Cave / Opal Lee Popkes; Storyteller / Leslie Marmon Silko
Poetry. I Expected My Skin and My Blood to Ripen / Wendy Rose; For the White Poets Who Would Be Indian / Wendy Rose; Vanishing Point: Urban Indian / Wendy Rose; There Was a Dance, Sweetheart / Joy Harjo; "Are You Still There" / Joy Harjo; Conversations Between Here and Home / Joy Harjo; Watching Crow, Looking South Towards The Manzano Mountains / Joy Harjo; Where Mountain Lion Lay Down with Deer / Leslie Marmon Silko; Toe'Osh: A Laguna Coyote Story / Leslie Marmon Silko; Black Coat Meets Coyote / Judith Ivaloo Volborth; Three Songs to Mark the Night / Judith Ivaloo Volborth; She-Bear / Nia Francisco; Iridescent Child / Nia Francisco; Tomorrow Noon / Nia Francisco; Friday Noon Feelings / Nia Francisco; EveningSong 2 / Ramona C. Wilson; Keeping Hair / Ramona C. Wilson; Contradiction / Elizabeth Cook-Lynn; History of Unchi / Elizabeth Cook-Lynn; Some of My Best Friends / Elizabeth Cook-Lynn; On a Catholic Childhood / Janet Campbell; Desmet, Idaho, March 1969 / Janet Campbell; Aaron Nicholas, Almost Ten / Janet Campbell; A Teacher Taught Me / Anna Lee Walters; Hartico / Anna Lee Walters; Thomas Iron-Eyes Born Circa 1840, Died 1919, Rosebud Agency, S.D. / Marnie Walsh; Poets/Poems / Marnie Walsh; Vickie Loans Arrow / Marnie Walsh; The Belly Dancer's Song / Anita Endrezze-Danielson; Still Life / Anita Endrezze-Danielson; Shaman/Bear / Anita Endrezze-Danielson; Making Adjustments / Anita Endrezze-Danielson; Leap in the Dark / Roberta Hill; Conversation Overheard on Tamalpais Road / Roberta Hill; Grandmother / Paula Gunn Allen; Moonshort: 1969 / Paula Gunn Allen; Catching One Clear Thought Alive / Paula Gunn Allen; Medicine Song / Paula Gunn Allen; Additional Readings
Black Women Writers: Introduction. Contexts. Saving the Life That Is Your Own: The Importance of Models In The Artist's Life / Alice Walker; Introduction to Mules and Men / Zora Neale Hurston; Section VII From Mules and Men / Zora Neale Hurston; "Intimate Things in Place"-A Conversation with Toni Morrison
Traditions, Narratives, and Fiction. The Revenge of Hannah Kemhuff / Alice Walker; Maggie of the Green Bottles / Toni Cade Bambara; Doby's Gone / Ann Petry; Lucy / Lucille Clifton; Brooklyn / Paule Marshall; The Roundhouse / Gayl Jones; 1921 from Sula / Toni Morrison
Poetry. I Want to Write for Gwen / Margaret Walker; Kitchenette Building / Gwendolyn Brooks; The Old-Marrieds / Gwendolyn Brooks; What Shall I Give My Children? / Gwendolyn Brooks; Bronzevil; Woman in a Red Hat / Gwendolyn Brooks; Offspring / Naomi Long Madgett; Writing a Poem / Naomi Long Madgett; Black Woman / Naomi Long Madgett; Death is Not Master / May Miller; Place in the Morning / May Miller; The Scream / May Miller; I Am A Black Woman / Mari Evans; The Friday Ladies of the Pay Envelope / Mari Evans; A Good Assassination Should Be Quiet / Mari Evans; If You Say A Negro Lady / June Jordan; In Memoriam: Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Part One) / June Jordan; They Clapped / Nikki Giovanni; Legacies / Nikki Giovanni; Defining It For Vanessa / Colleen McElroy; Dancing with the Fifth Horseman / Colleen McElroy; Where Iguanas Still Live / Colleen McElroy; Aunt Martha: Severance Pay / Yvonne; 1936 / Yvonne; Conversation in Crisis / Audre Lorde; Paperweight / Audre Lorde; Rooming Houses Are Old Women / Audre Lorde; Cypress-Sassafras / Ntozake Shange; Phenomenal Women / Maya Angelou; Any Woman's Blues / Sherley Williams; The Collateral Adjective / Sherley Williams; Say Hello to John / Sherley Williams; Generations / Sherley WIlliams; Burial / Alice Walker; Women / Alice Walker
Chicana Writers: Introduction. Contexts. The Weeping Woman / Soledad Pérez; La Llorona / Carmen Toscano; La Llorona, Crying Lady of the Creekbeds, 483 Years Old, and Aging / Victoria Moreno; The Women of New Mexico / Fabiola Cabeza de Baca; The Dilemma of the Modern Chicana Artist and Critic / Marela Christine Lucero-Trujillo.
Traditions, Narratives, and Fiction. The Street of the Cañon / Josefina Niggli; Las Dos Hermanas / Rosalie Otero Peralta; The Burning / Estela Portillo Trambley; Recuerdo / Guadalupe Valdés Fallis; Pay the Criers / Estela Portillo Trambley
Poetry. Beneath the Shadow of the Freeway / Lorna Dee Cervantes; Refugee Ship / Lorna Dee Cervantes; Para Un Revolucionario / Lorna Dee Cervantes; Urban Life / Xelina; Witnesses / Xelina; Nightmare / Xelina; Napa, California / Ana Castillo; 1975 / Ana Castillo; A Christmas Carol: C. 1976 / Ana Castillo; Our Tongue Was Nahuatl / Ana Castillo; The Final Laugh / Angela de Hoyos; Below Zero / Angela De Hoyos; The Missing Ingredient / Angela De Hoyos; Jail-Life Walk / Judy Lucero; I Speak in an Illusion / Judy Lucero; En Público / Victoria Moreno; Spelling Out the Cosmos / Margarita Cola-Cardenas; Deletreando Al Cosmos / Margarita Cola-Cardenas; Gullible / Margarita Cola-Cardenas; Creidísimas / Margarita Cola-Cardenas; "Machismo is Part of Our Culture" / Marcela Christine Lucero-Trujillo; No More Cookies, Please / Marcela Christine Lucero-Trujillo; Roseville, Minn., U.S.A. / Marcela Christine Lucero-Trujillo; The Músicos from Capulín / Marcela Christine Lucero-Trujillo; The Advent of My Death / Marcela Christine Lucero-Trujillo; Station / Marina RIvera; Even / Marina Rivera; Chon / Marina Rivera
Bailar ... / Carmen Tafolla; Repeating Chorus ... / Carmen Tafolla; Alli Por La Calle San Luis / Carmen Tafolla; San Antonio / Carmen Tafolla; Para Un Viejito Desconocido Que Aun Conozco / Inés Hernandez Tovar
Para Teresa / Inés Hernandez Tovar; To Other Women Who Were Ugly Once / Inés Hernandez Tovar; Chicana Revolution / Sylvia Alicia Gonzales
Asian American Women Writers: Introduction. Contexts. Being Japanese-American Doesn't Mean "Made in Japan" / Joanne Harumi Sechi; Obachan / Gail Miyasaki; Woolgathering, Ventriloquism and The Double Life / Diana Chang.
Traditions, Narratives, and Fiction. No Name Woman from the Woman Warrior / Maxine Hong Kingston; Las Vegas Charley / Hisaye Yamamoto; Seventeen Syllables / Hisaye Yamamoto; The Boatmen on Toneh River / Wakako Yamauchi; From Intimate Friends / Diana Chang; The Bath / Karen Tei Yamashita
Poetry. My Mother, Who Came From China, Where She Never Saw Snow / Laureen Mar; Chinatown 1, 2, 4 / Laureen Mar; Rhythms / Diana Chang; What Matisse is After / Diana Chang; Still Life / Diana Chang; Cannibalism / Diana Chang; Pounce the Cat / Paula Yup; Peace / Paula Yup; Opaque / Paula Yup; The Look of Success / Teru Kanazawa; Dumb Patronage / Teru Kanazawa; Modern Secrets / Shirley Geok-Lin Lim; Christmas in Exile / Shirley Geok-Lin Lim; Potions / Shirley Geok-Lin Lim;I Would Like / Shirley Geok-Lin Lim; Sometimes You Look Like Lady Day / Jessica Tarahata Hagedorn; Song for My Father / Jessica Tarahata Hagedorn; Sing With Your Body / Janice Mirikitani; Attack the Water / Janice Mirikitani; Twenty-Year Marriage / Ai; The Anniversary / Ai; The Country Midwife: A Day / Ai; On Writing Asian-American Poetry / Geraldine Kudaka; I Shoulda Told You / Geraldine Kudaka; It Was As If / Fay Chiang; Enigma / Helen Aoki Kaneko; Wind / Helen Aoki Kaneko; Upon Seeing An Etching / Helen Aoki Kaneko; Behnd Locked Doors / Laura Tokunaga; Geography / Laura Tokunaga; Tiger Year / Laura Tokunaga; Ghost / Mei-Mei Berssenbrugee; Old Man Let's Go Fishing in the Yellow Reeds of the Bay / Mei-Mei Berssenbrugee; Chronicle / Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge
Appendices. Folklore and Literature; Texts and Contexts; Storytelling and Narratives; Poetry.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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