Ancient texts and modern readers : studies in ancient Hebrew linguistics and Bible translation / edited by Gideon R. Kotze, Christian S. Locatell, John A. Messarra.

Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2019]
Studia Semitica Neerlandica; v. 71.
Studia semitica neerlandica ; Volume 71
xv, 377 pages : 24 cm.
Bible -- Translating.
Bible. Old Testament. -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Hebrew language.
Bible. Old Testament..
Hebrew language.
Criticism, interpretation, etc.
The chapters of this volume address a variety of topics that pertain to modern readers' understanding of ancient texts, as well as tools or resources that can facilitate contemporary audiences' interpretation of these ancient writings and their language. In this regard, they cover subjects related to the fields of ancient Hebrew linguistics and Bible translation. The chapters apply linguistic insights and theories to elucidate elements of ancient texts for modern readers, investigate how ancient texts help modern readers to interpret features in other ancient texts, and suggest ways in which translations can make the language and conceptual worlds of ancient texts more accessible to modern readers. In so doing, they present the results of original research, identify new lines and topics of inquiry, and make novel contributions to modern readers' understanding of ancient texts.0Contributors are Alexander Andrason, Barry L. Bandstra, Reinier de Blois, Lenart J. de Regt, Gideon R. Kotze, Geoffrey Khan, Christian S. Locatell, Kristopher Lyle, John A. Messarra, Cynthia L. Miller-Naude, Jacobus A. Naude, Daniel Rodriguez, Eep Talstra, Jeremy Thompson, Cornelius M. van den Heever, Herrie F. van Rooy, Gerrit J. van Steenbergen, Ernst Wendland, Tamar Zewi.
Ancient texts and modern readers: An introduction / Gideon R. Kotze, Christian S. Locatell, John A. Messarra
2. Copulas, Cleft Sentences and Focus Markers in Biblical Hebrew / Geoffrey Khan
3. Anaphoric Accessibility in Biblical Hebrew Narrative: Global and Local Participant Tracking across Clause Boundaries / Lenart J. de Regt
4. An Alternative to the Coordination-Subordination Dichotomy: The Case of Causal ky / Christian S. Locatell
5. Categorial Gradience and Fuzziness-The QWM Gram (Serial Verb Construction) in Biblical Hebrew / Alexander Andrason
6. A Behavioral Profile Analysis of Biblical Hebrew pqd: Quantitative Explorations of Polysemy / Jeremy Thompson, Kristopher Lyle
7. Gesenius's Rules: The Relationship between Philology and Cognitive Semantics in Biblical Hebrew / Daniel Rodriguez
8. Biblical Lexicography and the Semantic Structure of the Target Language: The Case of 'k / Reinier de Blois
9. "Now" and "Then": Telling Time in Text and Translation / Barry L. Bandstra
10. Rhetorical Questions and Negative Clauses in Biblical Hebrew / Tamar Zewi
11. Translating the Hebrew Scriptures: Some Challenges and Helps / Cornelius M. van den Heever
12. "Do the Dead Praise God?" A Literary-Structural Analysis and Translation of Psalm 6 / Ernst R. Wendland
13. Fathers and Sons, Jacob and Israel in Psalm 78: Participant Tracking and Direct Translation / Eep Talstra
14. A Direct Translation and Paratext: Hapax Legomena and Text-Critical Notes / Herrie F. van Rooy
15. Theology and Ideology in the Metatexts of Bible Translations in Muslim Contexts: A Case Study / Jacobus A. Naude, Cynthia L. Miller-Naude
16. Sacrifice in Leviticus 1-7 and Pokot Culture: Implications for Bible Translation / Gerrit J. van Steenbergen
17. Interpreting and Translating "Hanging" in Lamentations 5:12 as an Image of Impalement / Gideon R. Kotze
Index of Modern Authors
Index of Topics.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Kotzé, Gideon R., editor.
Locatell, Christian S., editor.
Messarra, John A., editor.
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