[Megilat Ester]. = [מגילת אסתר].

Standardized Title:
Bible. Esther.
[North Africa], [1650?-1799?]
[צפון אפריקה], [1650?-1799?]
1 roll (8 membranes) : parchment ; 41 x 383.5 cm.
Scrolls (information artifacts)
Manuscripts, Hebrew -- 18th century.
This is a scroll of Esther written in North Africa likely during the 17th or 18th centuries.
Ms. roll.
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Layout: Written in three columns of 24 lines per membrane; ruled in drypoint. For the portion detailing the hanging of the ten sons of Haman, the entire column is written with the names of the sons at the right side; this covers the entire column.
Origin: Written in North Africa during the 17th or 18th centuries (based on comparison of the script to other examples).
Decoration: Many letters are highlighted and decorated with swirls and crowns; for example, the portion detailing the hanging of the ten sons of Haman (6th membrane, 3rd column) and the finishing words of the Megilat Ester ("ולכל זרעו"; 7th membrane, 3rd column).
Script: Written in North African safrut, the ritual script required for writing a Torah scroll. The details which localize the script include rounded upper corners on letters ד and ה, and the center pole of the ש leaning right, and emanating from the left pole.
Penn Provenance:
Gift of C.E. Lex, May 1907 (BA 1871, JD 1874, University of Pennsylvania; former card catalog lists name as E.C. Lex; former call number was RBC 220.39T).
Cited as:
UPenn Oversize Ms. Roll 2013.
Lex, Charles E., 1851-1917, former owner.
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