Manuscript fragments from the Moldovan Collection, 1700?-1899? = שברי כתב יד מהאוסף מולדובן, 1700?-1899?

6 items : paper.

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Jews -- France -- Ribeauvillé -- History -- Sources.
Jews -- France -- Alsace -- History -- Sources.
Codices (bound manuscripts)
Manuscripts, Hebrew -- 18th century.
Manuscripts, Hebrew -- 19th century.
Manuscripts, Hebrew -- 20th century.
Manuscripts, European.
In Hebrew, Yiddish, French, and German (item 1);
This is a collection of manuscript fragments from the Moldovan Family Judaica Collection at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. The first item is a endpaper from a Seliḥot, probably printed, referred to in an inscription; a Yiddish inscription on the recto is undersigned by Uri-Sheraga Feyes b. Elia, and it is a long prayer for blessings and success for the High Holy Days (inscription circa 1770-1800, in Alsatian Yiddish); below is an inscription by Avraham Wormser on Tuesday, parashat Nitsavim 559 (Vendémiaire (September-October) 1799) in Hebrew and then French. On the verso is an inscription by Jakob Wormser in French, Hebrew, and German, signing as a Jewish merchant ("juif negotiant") in Ribeauvillé in the French portion, Rappschwihr in the Hebrew portion, and Rappoltsweiler in German, 1779 (Ribeauvillé is a town today in the Haut-Rhin department in northeastern France, near Strasbourg; the Alsatian name for the town in Rappschwihr, and the German name for the town is Rappoltsweiler); below this is an inscription in German by Lazar Wormser, also in Rappoltsweiler in 1792. The second item is a leaf of a prayer for a yahrzeit, with an addendum for the learning of mishnayot; included is a list of yahrzeits for the scribe, one dated 1824. The third item is three leaves from a commentary on Pirḳe avot, written on commercial paper, probably in North Africa, circa 1920. The fourth item is a signature of Emanuʼel Ḥayim de Milhaud on an endpaper with an impression of the colophon of a manuscript for Rosh ha-Shanah in the Carpentras rite, dated 1650 (chronogram כי את'ה י'י). Item five is a fragment of a manuscript of Seliḥot in the Carpentras rite, written in the hand of Emanuʼel ben Gad de Milhaud, approximately 1700; item six is a fragment of the Rosh ha-Shanah prayers in the Carpentras rite, circa 1730.
1. Endpaper inscriptions of Jakob, Abraham, and Lazar Wormser from a printed volume of Seliḥot (Ribeauvillé, 1779-1792)
2. Tefilah for a yahrzeit (Alsace, circa 1800)
3. Perush le-Pirḳe avot (North Africa?, circa 1920)
4. Signature of Emanuʼel Ḥayim de Milhaud (Carpentras?, circa 1650)
5. Fragment of Seliḥot ke-minhag Ḳarpintrats (Carpentras?, circa 1700-1720)
6. Fragment of Seder Rosh ha-Shanah ke-minhag Ḳarpintrats (Carpentras?, circa 1730).
1. רישומי נייר עטיפה של יעקב, אברהם, ולעזער וורמסר מכרך סליחות מודפס (ראפשוויהר, 1779-1792)
2. תפלה ליארצייט (אלזס, בערך 1800)
3. פרוש לפרקי אבות (צפון אפריקה?, 1920 בערך)
4. חתימת עמנואל חיים דמילייאב (קרפנטרס?, בערך 1650)
5. קטע מסליחות כמנהג קארפינטרץ (קרפנטרס?, בערך 1700-1720)
6. קטע מסדר ראש השנה כמנהג קארפינטרץ (קרפנטרס?, בערך 1730).
Non-Latin script record
Penn Provenance:
Item 6 formerly owned by Zosa Szajkowski (signature in Yiddish).
Presented to The Penn Libraries in 2018 by Joseph and Susan Moldovan (C'76).
Cited as:
UPenn CAJS Rar Ms. 514.
Szajkowski, Zosa, 1911-1978, previous owner.
Moldovan, Joseph, donor.
Moldovan, Susan, donor.
Moldovan Family Judaica Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
שייקאוסקי, זושא, בעלים קודמים.
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