Clothing and nudity in the Hebrew Bible : a handbook / edited by Christoph Berner, Manuel Schäfer, Martin Schott, Sarah Schulz, and Martina Weingärtner.

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London, UK ; New York, NY : T&T Clark, 2019. , ©2019
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Middle East.
Bible. Old Testament. -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Bible. Old Testament..
Biblical costume.
Clothing and dress -- Middle East.
Biblical costume.
Clothing and dress.
Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Between regulation, identification, and representation: clothing and nudity from the perspective of the study of religion / Anna-Katharina Höpflinger
Clothing and nudity in the ancient Near East from the perspective of gender studies / Agnès Garcia-Ventura
Clothing and nudity from the perspective of anthropological studies / Lars Allolio-Näcke
Textile production in the Iron Age ancient Near East / Naḥum Ben-Yehuda
Clothing and nudity in the ancient Near East: archaeological and iconographic aspects / Allison Thomason
Concepts and contexts of female and male nudity in the iconography of the Southern Levant / Katharina Pyschny
Stripped bare: communicating rank and status in Old Kingdom Egypt / Dina Serova
Fabrication, functions, and uses of textiles in the Hebrew Bible / Wolfgang Zwickel
Nudity and clothing in the lexicon of the Hebrew Bible / Holger Gzella
Nudity and clothing in the Hebrew Bible: theological and anthropological aspects / Jürgen van Oorschot
The clothing of cult statues and biblical polemics against iconic worship / Sonja Ammann
The garments of God: iconographic case studies from Isaiah 6:1; 59:17; and 63:1-6 / Joel M. LeMon and Richard A. Purcell
Robed in majesty: clothing as a metaphor for the classical Hebrew semantic domain of ... / Marilyn E. Burton
Tearing one's clothes and rites of mourning / Melanie Köhlmoos
Barefoot before God: shoes and sacred space in the Hebrew Bible and ancient Near East / Joachim J. Krause
"You shall not wear clothes made of wool and linen woven together" (Deut. 22:11): clothing in biblical law / Eckart Otto
"When you see the naked, cover them!" (Isa. 58:7): the clothing of the poor as an act of righteousness / Rainer Kessler
Clothing and nudity in the paradise story (Gen. 2-3) / Friedhelm Hartenstein
Clothing and nudity in the Noah story (Gen. 9:18-29) / Michaela Bauks
The garment motif in Gen. 37-39 / Franziska Ede
The symbolism of vestimentary acts in Gen. 27, Gen. 38, and 1 Sam. 17 / Martina Weingärtner
"Mind the step!" (Exod. 20:26), or, even better: "Wear breeches!" (Exod. 28:42-43). The issue of (un-)covering one's "shame" in cultic legislation / Christoph Berner
The priestly vestments / Nathan MacDonald
Veiling Moses' shining face (Exod. 34:29-35) / Wolfgang Oswald
The dancing David: nudity and cult in 2 Sam. 6 / Sarah Schulz
Elijah's hairy robe and the clothes of the prophets / Martin Schott
Nudity and captivity in Isa. 20 in light of iconographic evidence / Andrea Beyer
Clothing, nudity, and shame in the book of Ezekiel and prophetic oracles of judgment / Anja Klein
Clean garments for Joshua: the purficiation of the high priest in Zech. 3 / Martin Hallaschka
Women's dress codes in the book of Proverbs / Stefan Fischer
Clothing and nudity in the Song of Songs / Meik Gerhards.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Berner, Christoph, editor.
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