The Hasselblad manual [electronic resource] / Ernst Wildi.

Wildi, Ernst.
7th ed.
Burlington, MA : Focal Press/Elsevier, c2008.
1 online resource (431 p.)
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Discover the great advantages and benefits of working in the medium film format or with the large digital sensor units in Hasselblad digital cameras and digital backs. Presented in an easily accessible format, this book shows the working and manipulation of the various cameras. Detailed illustrations dissect the equipment and provide insight into the ways in which these superb cameras and lenses are best utilized to create professional quality images. This edition of the Manual will bring you up to date with the latest features available within the popular Hass
Front Cover; The Hasselblad Manual; Copyright Page; Contents; Preface; 1 Hasseblad from Film to Digital; History of the Hasselblad Camera System; The Updated Camera System; Content in the New Hasselblad Manual; The Hasselblad Camera Systems; Selecting the Shutter Type and Camera Operation; Holding and Supporting the Camera; 2 Image Size and Format in Digital Imaging and Film Photography; Digital Image Quality; Sensor Size and Focal Length of Lens; Image Size in Film Photography; Deciding on the Image Shape in Digital and Film Photography; 3 Digital Imaging with Hasselblad; Digital or Film
Digital Imaging in the Medium FormatHasselblad's Advantages in Digital Imaging; Photography's Two-stage Process; Recording a Perfect Image in the Camera; Helpful Computer Manipulations; Hasselblad Digital Cameras and Camera Backs; Hasselblad Digital Cameras; The Different Hasselblad Digital Backs; Hasselblad Film Cameras; Recording the Digital Image in the Camera; Lenses for Digital Recording; Digital Recording Media; File Formats; Digital Black and White Photography; 4 Operating the H Cameras for Digital and Film Photography; The H Camera System Concept; Removing the Bottom Plate
Battery OperationAudio Feedback System; Attaching and Removing Lenses; Viewfinders and Focusing Screens; Working with Film Magazines; Camera Operation; Photographing with the H Camera; Focusing the H Camera; Metering and Exposure Controls; Other Operating and Image Creating Controls; Custom Options; New Options on H3DII Camera Models; The User Button Functions; Flash Photography; The Use and Operation of Profiles; The Global Positioning System; 5 Creating the Digital Image; Attaching and Detaching Digital Backs; Sensor Units on Different Cameras; Power Supply
Shutter Delay, Exposure Time, and Capture SequenceOperating Controls on Digital Backs; Making the Settings on the Camera's Powergrip; ISO and White Balance Settings on H3DII Cameras; Evaluating the Tonal Range and Exposure; Viewing Images; Copying Images; Deleting Images; Cleaning the Sensor Unit; The Phocus and Flexcolor Software Programs; Working with Phocus; 6 The 503 and Other V System Cameras and Components; Digital Imaging with V System Cameras; Hasselblad 500 Camera Models; Hasselblad 503 Camera Models; The Motor-driven EL Camera Models; The Hasselblad 200 Camera Models
The Hasselblad 2000/2003 Camera ModelsThe Hasselblad Superwide Cameras; The Hasselblad Flexbody and Arcbody Cameras; Recording the Image in 503 and Other V System Cameras; Checking the Camera Functions in 503 and Other V System Cameras; Component Interchangeability in the V System; Hasselblad Shutter Lenses On 503 and Other V System Cameras; Working with the V System Components on 503 and Other V System Cameras; 7 Viewfinders and Focusing Screens; Viewfinders for Digital Imaging; Focusing Screens; Area Coverage on the Focusing Screen; Viewfinders; Suggestions for Accurate Focusing
Selecting a Viewfinder
Includes index.
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