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Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2012.
Gods and heroes of the ancient world.
Gods and heroes of the ancient world
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There is more material available on Herakles than any other Greek god or hero. His story has many more episodes than those of other heroes, concerning his life and death as well as his battles with myriad monsters and other opponents. In literature, he appears in our earliest Greek epic and lyric poetry, is reinvented for the tragic and comic stage, and later finds his way into such unlikely areas as philosophical writing and love poetry.? In art, his exploits are amongst the earliest identifiable mythological scenes, and his easily-recognisable figure with lionskin and club was a familiar
HERAKLES; Copyright; CONTENTS; SERIES FOREWORD; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; LIST OF FIGURES; ABBREVIATIONS AND CONVENTIONS; MAPS AND GENEALOGICAL TABLE; FOREWORD: WHY HERAKLES?; WHY HERAKLES?; INTRODUCING HERAKLES; Telling the story; Synopsis of the myth; Explaining Herakles; Contexts and sources; Overview; KEY THEMES; 1 MONSTERS AND THE HERO I: THE TWELVE LABOURS; The strong man figure and monster-fighting; Development of the canon of labours; Individual labours; Overview; 2 MONSTERS AND THE HERO II: OTHER BATTLES; A wealth of opponents; Early exploits; Strong men and transgressors; Strange beasts
Overview3 THE TRAGIC HERO; A complex character; Early tragedy; Sophokles: death and deification; Euripides: madness and family values; Visual reflections of tragedy; Roman adaptations; Overview; 4 VICE OR VIRTUE INCARNATE; From monster-slaying to comedy, philosophy and romance; The comic hero; Herakles intellectualized; The romantic hero; Overview; 5 POLITICAL HERAKLES; The art of political legitimation; Herakles as ancestor and ideal ruler; Herakles the founder; Tyranny and democracy at Athens; Overview; 6 WORSHIP OF THE HERO-GOD; Herakles heros-theos; Rituals and remains
The Roman cult of HerculesOverview; HERAKLES AFTERWARDS; 7 POST-CLASSICAL VARIATIONS; The afterlife of a hero; Herakles/Hercules and the Christians; Telling Hercules' story I: Renaissance literature; Hercules' image reborn: art from the Renaissance onwards; Herculean politics; From monarch to revolutionary: Hercules in France; Telling Hercules' story II: literature from the seventeenth century on; Hercules the movie star; Conclusion: Herakles/Hercules now; NOTES; GLOSSARY; FURTHER READING; WORKS CITED; INDEX
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