Long-Term Reliability of Nanometer VLSI Systems : Modeling, Analysis and Optimization / by Sheldon Tan, Mehdi Tahoori, Taeyoung Kim, Shengcheng Wang, Zeyu Sun, Saman Kiamehr.

Tan, Sheldon. author., Author,
Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2019.
1 online resource (XLI, 460 pages) : 211 illustrations, 195 illustrations in color.
1st ed. 2019.
Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
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This book provides readers with a detailed reference regarding two of the most important long-term reliability and aging effects on nanometer integrated systems, electromigrations (EM) for interconnect and biased temperature instability (BTI) for CMOS devices. The authors discuss in detail recent developments in the modeling, analysis and optimization of the reliability effects from EM and BTI induced failures at the circuit, architecture and system levels of abstraction. Readers will benefit from a focus on topics such as recently developed, physics-based EM modeling, EM modeling for multi-segment wires, new EM-aware power grid analysis, and system level EM-induced reliability optimization and management techniques. Reviews classic Electromigration (EM) models, as well as existing EM failure models and discusses the limitations of those models; Introduces a dynamic EM model to address transient stress evolution, in which wires are stressed under time-varying current flows, and the EM recovery effects. Also includes new, parameterized equivalent DC current based EM models to address the recovery and transient effects; Presents a cross-layer approach to transistor aging modeling, analysis and mitigation, spanning multiple abstraction levels; Equips readers for EM-induced dynamic reliability management and energy or lifetime optimization techniques, for many-core dark silicon microprocessors, embedded systems, lower power many-core processors and datacenters.
Part I. New physics-based EM analysis and system-level dynamic reliability management
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Physics Based EM Modeling
Chapter 3. Fast EM Stress Evolution Analysis Using Krylov Subspace Method
Chapter 4. Fast EM Immortatlity Analysis For Multisegment Copper Interconnect Wires
Chapter 5. Dynamic EM Models For Transient Stress Evolution and Recovery
Chapter 6. Compact EM Models for Multi-SEgment Interconnect Wires
Chapter 7. EM Assesment for Power Grid Networks
Chapter 8. Resource Based EM Modeling for Multi-Crore Microprocessors
Chapter 9. DRM and Optimization for Real Time Embedded Systems
Chapter 10. Learning Based DRM and Energy Optimization for Many Core Dark Silicaon Processors
Chapter 11. Recovery Aware DRM for Near Threshold Dark Silicon Processors
Chapter 12. Cross-Layer DRM and Optimization For Datacenter Systems
Part II. Transistor Aging Effects and Reliability
13. Introduction
Chapter 14. Aging AWare Timings Analysis
Chapter 15. Aging Aware Standard Cell Library Optimization Methods
Chapter 16. Aging Effects In Sequential Elements
Chapter 17. Aging Guardband Reduction Through Selective Flip Flop Optimization
Chapter 18. Workload Aware Static Aging Monitoring and Mitigation of Timing Critical Flip Flops
Chapter 19. Aging Relaxation at Micro Architecture Level Using Special NOPS
Chapter 20. Extratime Modelling and Analyis of Transistor Agin at Microarchitecture Level
Chapter 21. Reducing Processor Wearout By Exploiting The Timing Slack of Instructions.
Tahoori, Mehdi, author., Author,
Kim, Taeyoung, author., Author,
Wang, Shengcheng, author., Author,
Sun, Zeyu, author., Author,
Kiamehr, Saman, author., Author,
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