Historias de la Revolucion 1960, 1960.

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Revolution in Cuba & Latin America
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Three stories relating to the Cuban Revolution: El Herido (The Wounded Man) set in Havana in 1957, Rebeldes (Rebels) set in the Sierra Maestra 1958 and another about the Battle of Santa Clara (December 1958). This film dramatises three different segments of the Cuban Revolution. The first episode, 'El Herido', starts in 1957 with pictures of disturbances and troops in the streets of Havana during the Batista regime. The film continues with a wounded revolutionary taking refuge at the home of a couple, Miriam and Alberto. Miriam is happy to take in the wounded freedom fighter but Alberto is uncomfortable and leaves. A series of events lead the security forces to pick up Alberto and, suspicious of him wandering the streets, he is forced to take them to his home. A firefight ensues with the hiding revolutionaries and Miriam is killed in the crossfire. Alberto escapes to be rescued by a milkman. The second episode, 'Rebeldes', sees guerrillas taking on the forces of the Batista regime in the Sierra Maestra in 1958. The section starts with an ambush of regime soldiers in which the guerrillas, all sporting long hair and beards, are able to upgrade their antique weapons by taking those of the fallen soldiers. The rest of the segment sees the guerrillas escaping the regime troops and tending to a wounded comrade they are reluctant to leave behind. The final episode, 'Santa Clara', deals with the eponymous battle in late December 1958. The revolutionaries derail a troop train and fight regime forces and armour in the town. They are aided by the civilians who supply them with Molotov cocktails. The revolutionaries eventually triumph and enter Havana. Here they are shot at by counter-revolutionaries, whom they pursue. Despite losing some of their men to these attacks, on capturing one of the perpetrators, the revolutionaries shield their captive from a lynch mob and take him away for justice.
Moure, Eduardo; Llerena, Lililian; Miravalles, Reinaldo; Bernal, Carmen; Mascorieto, Jeddu; Ramirez, Pepe; Fong, Enrique; Lago, Francisco; Mora, Blas; Rodriguez, Tomas; Rojas, Encarnito; Zamora, Pascual; Gomez, Miriam; Marrero, Calixto; Acevedo, Bertina; Hernandez, Gilda; Cremata, Armando; Gutierrez, Oscar
Contributors: Hernandez, Jose; Arenal, Humberto; Alea, Tomas Gutierrez; Gonzalex, Amrio; Menendez, Carlos; Vesa, Eugenio; Caparros, Andin; Corvison, Modesto; Corvison, Gustavo; Joffre, Evelia; Fernandez, Israel; Galban, Pablo; Mascorieto, Rafael; Valera, Huberto; Gomez, Manuel Octavio; Perez, Manuel; Cortazar, Octavio; Rouco, Jorge; Marin, Jose; Velasco, Aurora; Vilar, Juan; Costa, Juan H.; Martelli, Otello; Vejar, Sergio; Zavattini, Arturo; Velasco, Hugo; Farinas, Carlos; Gramatges, Harold; Brouwer, Leo; Yelin, Saul.
Production Company: El Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos.
Archive Reference: N-507292.
Description based on online resource (viewed on 17 October, 2017).
Alea, Tomas Gutierrez, director.
Hernández, José, Script.
Arenal, Humberto, Script.
Alea, Tomas Gutierrez, Script.
Gonzalex, Amrio, Editor.
Menendez, Carlos, Editor.
Vesa, Eugenio, Sound.
Caparros, Andin, Sound.
Corvison, Modesto, Camera.
Corvison, Gustavo, Camera.
Joffre, Evelia, Composer.
Fernández, Israel, Make-up.
Galban, Pablo, Special effects.
Mascorieto, Rafael, Lighting.
Valera, Huberto, Lighting.
Gomez, Manuel Octavio, Assistant Director.
Perez, Manuel, Assistant Director.
Cortazar, Octavio, Production.
Rouco, Jorge, Production.
Marín R., José, Production.
Velasco, Aurora, Production.
Vilar, Juan, Production.
Costa, Juan H, Production.
Martelli, Otello, Photography.
Vejar, Sergio, Photography.
Zavattini, Arturo, Camera.
Velasco, Hugo, Camera.
Farinas, Carlos, Music.
Gramatges, Harold, Music.
Brouwer, Leo, Music.
Yelín, Saúl, Producer.
Moure, Eduardo, Cast member.
Llerena, Lililian, Cast member.
Miravalles, Reinaldo, Cast member.
Bernal, Carmen, Cast member.
Mascorieto, Jeddu, Cast member.
Ramirez, Pepe, Cast member.
Fong, Enrique, Cast member.
Lago, Francisco, Cast member.
Mora, Blas, Cast member.
Rodriguez, Tomás, Cast member.
Rojas, Encarnito, Cast member.
Zamora, Pascual, Cast member.
Gómez, Miriam, Cast member.
Marrero, Calixto, Cast member.
Acevedo, Bertina, Cast member.
Hernandez, Gilda, Cast member.
Cremata, Armando, Cast member.
Gutiérrez, Oscar, Cast member.
El Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos, production company.
Adam Matthew Digital (Firm), digitiser.
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