Prophetic divination : essays in Ancient Near Eastern prophecy / Martti Nissinen.

Nissinen, Martti author.
Berlin : De Gruyter, [2019]
Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft; 494.
Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft, 0934-2575 ; volume 494
xxiii, 780 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
Prophecy -- History.
Bible. Prophets -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Bible. Old Testament -- Prophecies.
Prophets -- Middle East -- History.
Prophecy -- Comparative studies.
Dead Sea scrolls.
Martti Nissinen's research has had a formative influence on the study of prophecy for more than two decades. The 32 essays selected for this volume offer a wide-ranging view of prophetic divination. Some essays discuss prophecy from theoretical perspectives, while others contain detailed studies on prophecy in cuneiform sources, in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, as well as in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Altogether, this volume offers a ready starting point for many new and fruitful explorations of prophecy in the Anceint Near Eastern world.
Part One: Prophecy in Theory
Prophecy as construct, ancient and modern
Reflections on the "Historical-Critical" method: Historical criticism and critical historicism
What is prophecy? An Ancient Near Eastern perspective
Prophecy and omen divination: Two sides of the same coin
Neither prophecies nor apocalypses: The Akkadian literary predictive texts
Part Two: Prophecy in the Ancient Near East
The Socioreligious role of the Neo-Assyrian prophets
Non-male prophets in Ancient Near Eastern sources
The prophet and the augur at Tus̆ḫan, 611 BCE
Das kritische Potential in der altorientalischen Prophetie
Fear not: A study on an Ancient Near Eastern phrase
The exiled Gods of Babylon in Neo-Assyrian prophecy
Marduk's return and reconciliation in a prophetic letter from Arbela (with Simo Parpola)
City as lofty as heaven: Arbela and other cities in Neo-Assyrian prophecy
Part Three: Biblical Prophecy in Ancient Near Eastern Context
Die Relevanz der neuassyrischen Prophetie für die altestamentliche Forschung
Biblical prophecy from a Near Eastern perspective: The cases of kingship and divine possession
Comparing prophetic sources: Principles and a test case
From holy war to holy peace: Biblical alternatives to belligerent rhetoric
Falsche Prophetie in neuassyrischer und deuteronomistischer Darstellung
Sacred springs and liminal rivers: Water and prophecy in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean
Prophets and the divine council
Wisdom as mediatrix in Sirach 24: Ben Sira, love lyrics, and prophecy
Part Four: Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible: The historical dilemma of biblical prophetic studies
Since when do prophets write?
Prophets and prophecy in Joshua-Kings: A Near Eastern perspective
Das Problem der Prophetenschüler
The dubious image of prophecy
(How) does the Book of Ezekiel reveal its Babylonian context?
The Book of Hosea and the last days of the Northern Kingdom: The methodological problem
Part Five: Prophecy in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Transmitting the divine mysteries: The prophetic role of wisdom teachers in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Oracles at Qumran? Traces of inspired speakers in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Pesharim as divination: Qumran exegesis, omen interpretation and literary prophecy.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 681-750) and indexes.
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