Done making do : 1party rule ends in Malaysia / Ooi Kee Beng.

Ooi, Kee Beng, author.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ; Singapore : Genta Media : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2013.
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First edition.

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Political culture -- Malaysia.
Political parties -- Malaysia.
Malaysia -- Politics and government.
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In English.
The past five years have held tremendous significance for the process of nation building in Malaysia. Civil society and voters, especially in urban areas, are making new and strong demands on the government, in fact on governance per se; the opposition parties that managed to pull off successful electoral upsets in 2008 have formed a viable coalition to challenge the long-term federal government; and the federal government itself has been trying to adopt a reformist image without alienating its numerous conservative supporters. Although the government's slogan of 1Malaysia was meant to signify national unity, it lacked credibility because many of the systemic deficiencies of sustained one party - 1Party - rule still remained. This collection of articles studies various aspects of change now pushed into the foreground for discussion.
1. Towards A Post-Racialist Malaysia
2. Colonialism's Legacy Is A Defensive Psyche
3. All You Hybrids, Emerge From Your Closet
4. Labour Stripped Down To Bare Essentials
5. How Will Nationalism Evolve?
6. Selangor - The Battleground For Malaysia's Future
7. A Lesson For Countries Where Fear Of Political Change Runs Deep
8. What Brain, What Drain?
9. Can Pakatan Rakyat Continue To Inspire?
10. Tun Dr Lim, A Local And National Leader
11. Urban Parochialism, Rural Cosmopolitanism
12. How Will Najib Play His Cards?
13. Turning Isolating Distance Into Social Space
14. BN's Systemic Weaknesses Are Not Going Away
15. Dr M: Politician To The Core
16. Bookstores And Our Weak Sense Of Self-Esteem
17. Malaysia's Future After March 8, 2008
18. BN Feels The Sarawak Heat
19. Now's Not The Time For Najib To Call A GE
20. More Federalism, Less Centralism
21. Bersih 2.0 Is Najib's Biggest Challenge
22. Bersih 2.0: Malaysia's King Steps Forth
23. Weighing The Political Cost Of July 9
24. Must We Stay Victims Of Past Strategies?
25. UMNO Turning Right Leads BN Downhill
26. ISA Repeal: Najib Should Push Ahead
27. Will Najib's Election Goodies Be Enough?
28. Did Malaysia Mature When We Were Not Looking?
29. Securing Public Space In The Post- Imperial Age
30. In Malaysia, Reforms Take A Staggered Path
31. A Long Life Lived In Politics
32. Anwar Acquittal Boosts Malaysia's Opposition
33. New Think Tanks For New Times
34. Malaysian Envelopment
35. Saving Federalism In Malaysia
36. Kuala Lumpur - Still Best At Being Middling
37. ASEAN - A Post-Colonial Sisterhood
38. General Over A Hesitant Army
39. "Heal Malaysia" - A Slogan For The Elections
40. Putting May 13 To Rest
41. Past Cures As Present Addictions
42. Rules Of The Road Are Best Practices For Good Governance
43. Dignity Is The Basic Human Right
44. The Nation Must Embrace A New Stage In Its Development
45. Marks Of A Sincere Malaysian Leader
46. Impressions Of Istanbul, Or How History Never Ends
47. School Is Dead, Long Live Education
48. Income Gap, Outcome Bad
49. The Deuce Position And Najib's Incumbency Advantage
50. The Resurgence Of Social Activism In Malaysia
51. From Now On, It's A Malay vs Malay Contest
52. If Only The World Would Remain Flat...
53. Education For What And For Whom?
54. Political Picnicking In KL
55. Malaysian Togetherness Survives Despite Its Leaders
56. Malaysians Done Making Do
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10.1355/9789814459815 doi