The penultimate curiosity : how science swims in the slipstream of ultimate questions / Roger Wagner and Andrew Briggs.

Wagner, Roger, author.
First edition.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2016.
Oxford scholarship online.
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Religion and science.
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What lies at the root of the long entanglement between science and religion? The curiosity that leads to the search for religious understanding and the curiosity that leads to the search for scientific understanding have common origins in aspects of the human mind that go back as far as the earliest records of human intellectual endeavour. Their relationship developed as the categories of religion and science became distinct and new information was discovered. The struggle to make sense of the world as a whole seems to be an urgent and fundamental requirement in all human societies - an ultimate curiosity that creates a slipstream of interest in which penultimate curiosities about particular aspects of the physical world have (to a greater or lesser extent) been able to swim.
Cover; Contents; Prologue; PART I In the Beginning I; 1 The First Men; 2 Tentasali; 3 Watauinaiwa; 4 The Garden of Eden Moment; 5 Primate Parallels; 6 Horizons of Curiosity; 7 Ultimate Curiosity; PART II God-Driven Science; 8 The Lions of Miletus; 9 The Move to Athens; 10 Through the Academy Door; PART III Encounters in Alexandria; 11 The Two Students; 12 The Divided City; 13 Industrious Jack; 14 The Creation of the World; PART IV The Long Argument; 15 The House of Wisdom; 16 The Dream of Aristotle; 17 Al-Ghazali's Pilgrimage; 18 A Tale of Two Cities; 19 Imposed Silence
20 Experimental Science21 The Universal Law; PART V The Open Book of Heaven; 22 Against Aristotle; 23 Free Philosophizing; 24 The Freedom of Intellect; 25 Simplicius Reborn; 26 The Creation; PART VI Priests of Nature; 27 A New Era; 28 A Lutheran Astrologer; 29 The Experimental Philosophy; 30 The Oxonian Sparkles; PART VII The Ocean of Truth; 31 Le Grand Newton; 32 The Beautiful System; 33 Mathematical Theologies; 34 The Coast of Infinity; PART VIII Voyages of Discovery; 35 Two Journeys; 36 The Mystery of Mysteries; 37 The Creed of Science; PART IX In the Beginning II; 38 The Literary Inquest
39 Breaking the Seals40 The Intellectual Picklock; 41 In a Strange Land; 42 By the Waters of Babylon; 43 Adam and Adapa; 44 Ariadne's Thread; PART X Through the Laboratory Door; 45 Science in a Time of Cholera; 46 A Visit to the Museum; 47 Experiments of Thought; 48 The Unity of Nature; 49 The Works of the Lord; PART XI Epilogue; 50 Epilogue; List of Illustrations; Bibliography; Index
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Briggs, Andrew, author.
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