Strong experiences with music [electronic resource] : music is much more than just music / Alf Gabrielsson ; translated by Rod Bradbury.

Gabrielsson, Alf.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, c2011.
1 online resource (625 p.)
English ed.

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Standardized Title:
Starka musikupplevelser. English
Music -- Psychological aspects.
Musical perception.
Music appreciation.
Electronic books.
Nowadays we listen to music whenever and wherever we like. Never before has the scope of what is available been so great and varied. The mass media and Internet have given us unlimited paths into the world of music.Just like music is varied and endless, so are our reactions to music. The very same piece of music can generate completely different reactions in different people, and a person can react quite differently to the same piece of music on different occasions.Sometimes the reactions become more intense and profound than usual and leave powerful impressions in our memories. In this book s
Cover Page; Title Page; Copyright Page; Preface to the Swedish Edition; Preface to the English Edition; Acknowledgements; Contents; Chapter 1: Introduction; 1.1 General background; 1.2 Strong experiences with music (SEM); 1.3 Some previous studies; 1.4 Perception and reaction; 1.5 Structure of the book; Chapter 2: How The Investigation Was Carried Out; 2.1 Tasks and participants; 2.2 Analysis of the accounts; 2.3 Questionnaire; Chapter 3: General Points About The Accounts; Chapter 4: Experiences During Childhood; 4.1 Security/safety and closeness
4.2 Absorbed, moved, in wonderment, struck, overwhelmed4.3 Music for the first time; 4.4 Listening over and over again; 4.5 Strong experiences with music on special days; 4.6 Singing or playing music oneself; 4.7 Other special childhood experiences; 4.8 Commentary; Chapter 5: Experiences During One'S Teenage Years; 5.1 Meeting one's idols; 5.2 Encountering new, unknown music; 5.3 Music as consolation, support, and therapy during one's teens; 5.4 Performing music during one's teens; 5.5 Commentary; Chapter 6: When Music Takes Over; 6.1 In everyday situations; 6.2 Certain music takes over
Chapter 7: Merging With The Music7.1 Special receptivity; 7.2 Being drawn into the music; 7.3 Alone with the music; 7.4 Identifying with the music; 7.5 Being led/governed by the music; Chapter 8: Feeling Light, Floating, Leaving One'S Body; 8.1 Feeling light, weightless, taking off, being lifted, floating; 8.2 Leaving one's body, out-of-body experiences; 8.3 Commentary; Chapter 9: Inner Music; 9.1 Music that just comes into one's head; 9.2 Composing music; 9.3 Inner music afterwards; Chapter 10: Inner Images; 10.1 Images with a background in earlier experiences
10.2 Images in connection with programme music10.3 Images of a religious character; 10.4 Commentary; Chapter 11: Feelings/Emotion; 11.1 Strong, intense feelings; 11.2 Positive feelings; 11.3 Negative feelings; 11.3.1 Negative experiences due to other circumstances; 11.3.2 Negative experiences ascribed to the music itself; 11.4 Mixed, contradictory, changed feelings; 11.5 Using music to influence feelings; Chapter 12: Music And Existence; 12.1 The content and meaning of life; 12.2 Presence in life, ultimate moments; 12.3 Changed view of oneself and one's life
Chapter 13: Music And Transcendence13.1 Magical, supernatural, mysterious, spiritual experiences; 13.2 Ecstasy, trance; 13.3 Cosmic experiences, merging into something greater, dissolution of one's ego; 13.4 Experiences of other worlds, other realities; Chapter 14: Music And Religious Experiences; 14.1 Visions of heaven, paradise, eternity; 14.2 Spiritual peace, holy atmosphere, Christian community; 14.3 Music conveys a religious message and contact with divinity; 14.4 Meeting the divine, God; Chapter 15: New Insights, New Possibilities
15.1 Making contact with one's innermost self: new perspectives
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Bradbury, Rod.