T&T Clark companion to the theology of Kierkegaard / edited by Aaron P. Edwards and David J. Gouwens.

London, UK ; New York, NY, USA : T&T Clark, 2020.
xix, 527 pages ; 25 cm

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Other Title:
Companion to the theology of Kierkegaard
Kierkegaard, Søren, 1813-1855.
Theology, Doctrinal.
Religion -- Philosophy.
Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Prologue: The concept of Kierkegaard Companions (with Constant Reference to Theology) / Aaron P. Edwards
Part I: Preliminary interpretative issues. Kierkegaard on communication: refusing to 'piddle' / Kyle Roberts
Kierkegaard on language : peril and promise / Randall C. Zachman
Kierkegaard on doctrine : the grammar of Christian pathos / Lee C. Barrett
Kierkegaard on the church : between rejection and redemption / Matthew D. Kirkpatrick – Part II: Kierkegaard's Theological Biography. Kierkegaard the theology student / George Pattison
Kierkegaard the reader of scripture / Joel D. S. Rasmussen
Kierkegaard the preacher / Aaron P. Edwards
Kierkegaard's theological legacy / Lee C. Barrett
Part III: Key doctrinal themes. Trinity : a concept ubiquitous yet unthematized / Paul Martens
The divine attributes : Kierkegaard's broodings on the Godhead / Joel D. S. Rasmussen
Providence : right In front of our noses? / Nathan Paylor
Creation : by, for and before God / Andrew B. Torrance
Theological anthropology : spirit as the self 'before' and 'resting in' God / Simon D. Podmore
Sin : leaping and sliding and mysteries pointing to mysteries / Jason A. Mahn
Revelation : what forms of authority, and to whom? / Tomas Bokedal
Christology : Ecce homo! / Sylvia Walsh
Justification : 'the article by which the church stands or falls'? / David J. Gouwens
Sanctification : Kierkegaard and the journey towards rest / Christopher B. Barnett
The Holy Spirit : Kierkegaard's understated pneumatology / Murray Rae
Faith : the infinite task of passionate belief / Matthew F. Wilson and C. Stephen Evans
The Christian life : a humble striving born of gratitude / Philip G. Ziegler
Love : a holy caprice / Amy Laura Hall
Eschatology : 'and eternally speak with my Jesus' / Andrew J. Burgess
Part IV: Theological Trajectories. Kierkegaard, theology and the academy / Stanley Hauerwas
Kierkegaard, theology and the information society / Brian Brock
Kierkegaard, theology and literary media / Eric Ziolkowski
Kierkegaard, theology and post-Christendom / Merold Westphal
Epilogue : a kind of theologian / David J. Gouwens.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Edwards, Aaron (Lecturer in Theology) editor.
Gouwens, David Jay, editor.
9780567667090 (epdf)