Climate Change and Food Security in West Asia and North Africa / edited by Mannava V.K. Sivakumar, Rattan Lal, Ramasamy Selvaraju, Ibrahim Hamdan.

Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands : Imprint: Springer, 2013.
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1st ed. 2013.
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The countries of West Asia and North Africa (WANA) have long had the challenge of providing sustainable livelihoods for their populations in the fragile ecosystems of semi-arid and arid areas.  Climate change is already a reality in WANA and it places additional constraints on the already fragile ecosystems of dry areas and limited natural resources in WANA.  Hence there is an urgency to develop, and strengthen further, research and technology transfer on adaptation, mitigation and production system resilience. A comprehensive and integrated approach to planning and implementing the climate change adaptation strategies across the wide range of agro-ecosystems in different countries in WANA could help both the planners and the local communities to deal effectively with the projected impacts and also contribute to overall sustainability of agricultural production systems.  This book addresses the important issue of climate change and food security in West Asia and North Africa and presents perspectives from different sub-regions in WANA.  The mitigation and adaptation options for different agroeconomic sectors in WANA as well as policy, financial, institutional and cooperation issues are discussed.  These could help in the development of new policies to better adapt agriculture production systems and enhance food security in WANA.
Part I Climate Change in West Asia and North Africa
1 Climate Change in West Asia and North Africa (WANA): Overview
2 Implications of Climate Change for Agriculture and Food Security in the Western Asia and Northern Africa Region
Part II Climate Change and Environment
3 Climate Change and Soil Quality in the WANA Region
4 Conserving Green and Blue Water in the WANA Region
5 Climate Change and Land Use in the WANA Region with a Specific Reference to Morocco
6 Responses of Insect Pests to Climate Change: Effects and Interactions of Temperature, CO2 on Soil Quality
7 Climate Change and Locusts in the WANA Region
Part III Climate Change and Food Security: Perspectives from WANA sub-Regions
8 Climate Change Impact on WANA: Key Researchable Issues and Proposed Measures
9 Climate Variability and Change in North African Countries
10 Climate Change in Drylands of the Eastern Mediterranean: from Assessment Methods to Adaptation Strategies
11 Climate Change and Food Security in the Nile Valley and Red Sea
12 Food Security and Climate Change in West Asia
Part IV Mitigation and Adaptation Options for Different Agroeconomic Sectors in WANA
13 Mitigation and Adaptation Options for Rainfed Agriculture in West Asia and North Africa
14 Mitigation and Adaptation Options of Climate Change in Irrigated Agriculture in Arab Countries
15 Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Options for the Livestock Sector in the West Asia and North Africa
16 Afforestation Potential in the WANA Region to Sequester Carbon and Improve Soil Quality
Part V Policy, Financial, Institutional and Cooperation Issues
17 Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change into the Development Agenda
18 Possible Financial Innovations and Market Mechanisms at the National Level to Cope with Climate Change in WANA Region
19 Economic Impacts of Climate Change in the Arab World: A Summary of Case Studies from Syria, Tunisia and Yemen
20 Human Dimensions of Climate Change Adaptation: Factors that Influence Behaviours
Part VI Regional Agricultural Adaptation and Mitigation Framework for Climate Change in WANA
21 Regional Framework for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in the WANA Region
22 Adaptation Strategies for Different Sectors in the WANA Region - Summaries of Breakout Group Discussions
Part VII Conference Declaration
23 Kuwait Declaration.
Sivakumar, Mannava V.K. editor., Editor,
Lal, R., editor., Editor,
Selvaraju, Ramasamy. editor., Editor,
Hamdan, Ibrahim. editor., Editor,
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