The monkey & the monk : a revised abridgment of The journey to the west / translated and edited by Anthony C. Yu.

Wu, Cheng'en, approximately 1500-approximately 1582.
Standardized Title:
Xi you ji. Selections. English
Other Title:
Monkey and the monk
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2006.
xiv, 497 pages ; 23 cm
Xuanzang, approximately 596-664 -- Fiction.
Xuanzang, approximately 596-664
Action and adventure fiction.
Epic fiction.
Fantasy fiction.
Adventure fiction.
Fantasy fiction.
Epic fiction.
Action and adventure fiction.
Fantasy fiction.
Epic fiction.
Chinese fiction -- Translations into English.
Translated from the Chinese.
Anthony C. Yu's translation of The Journey to the West reinvigorated one of Chinese literature's most beloved classics for English-speaking audiences when it first appeared thirty years ago. These fantastic episodes recount the adventures of Xuanzang, a seventh-century monk who became one of China's most illustrious religious heroes after traveling for sixteen years in search of Buddhist scriptures. In The Monkey and the Monk he travels to India with four animal disciples, most significant among them a guardian-monkey known as the 'Great Sage, Equal to Heaven'.
The divine root being conceived, the origin appears ; The moral nature cultivated, the Great Dao is born
Having fully awakened to Bodhi's wondrous truths, Cut Māra, return to the root, and fuse the primal spirit
The Four Seas and the Thousand Mountains all bow to submit ; From Ninefold Darkness ten species' names are removed
Appointed as a Bima, how could he be content? ; Named Equal to Heaven, he's still unpacified
Disrupting the Peach Festival, the Great Sage steals elixir ; With revolt in Heaven, many gods try to seize the fiend
Guanyin, attending the banquet, inquires into the affair ; The Little Sage, exerting his power, subdues the Great Sage
From the Eight Trigrams Brazier the Great Sage escapes ; Beneath the Five Phases Mountain, Mind Monkey is stilled
Our Sovereign Buddha makes scriptures to impart ultimate bliss ; Guanyin receives the decree to go up to Chang'an
Chen Guangrui, going to his post, meets disaster ; Monk River Float, avenging his parents, repays their kindness
The Old Dragon King, in foolish schemes, transgresses Heaven's decrees ; Prime Minister Wei sends a letter to an official of the dead
Having toured the Underworld, Taizong returns to life ; Having presented melons and fruits, Liu Quan marries again
The Tang emperor, firm in sincerity, convenes the Grand Mass ; Guanyin, revealing herself, converts Gold Cicada
In the Den of Tigers, the Gold Star brings deliverance ; At Double-Fork Ridge, Boqin detains the monk
Mind Monkey returns to the Right ; The Six Robbers vanish from sight
At Serpent Coil Mountain, the gods give secret protection ; At Eagle Grief Stream, the Horse of the Will is reined.
At the Guanyin Hall the Tang monk escapes his ordeal ; At the Gao Village the Great Sage disposes of the monster
At Cloudy Paths Cave, Wukong takes in Bajie ; At Pagoda Mountain, Tripitaka receives the Heart Sūtra
Bajie fights fiercely at the Flowing-Sand River ; Mokṣa by order receives Wujing's submission
Tripitaka does not forget his origin ; The Four Sages test the priestly mind
The dharma-body in primary cycle meets the force of the cart ; The mind, righting monstrous deviates, crosses the spine-ridge pass
At the Three Pure Ones Temple the Great Sage leaves his name ; At the Car Slow Kingdom the Monkey King reveals his power
Heresy flaunts its strength to mock orthodoxy ; Mind Monkey shows his saintliness to slay the deviates
The Chan Master, taking food, is demonically conceived ; Yellow Hag brings water to dissolve the perverse pregnancy
Dharma-nature, going west, reaches the Women Nation ; Mind Monkey devises a plan to flee the fair sex
Deviant form makes lustful play for Tripitaka Tang ; Upright nature safeguards the uncorrupted self
The true Pilgrim lays bare his woes at Mount Potalaka ; The false Monkey King transcribes documents at Water-Curtain Cave
Two Minds cause disturbance in the great cosmos ; It's hard for one substance to reach Perfect Rest
Priests are hard to destroy
that's great awakening ; The Dharma-king perfects the right, his body's naturalized
Only when ape and horse are tamed will shells be cast ; With merit and work perfected, they see the Real
Nine times nine ends the count and Māra's all destroyed ; The work of three times three done, the Dao reverts to its root
They return to the Land of the East ; The Five Sages attain immortality.
Includes bibliographical references.
Yu, Anthony C., 1938-2015.
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9780226971568 (pbk.)
9780226971551 (cloth)
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