Captain Marvel : Starforce / Stan Lee, Gerry Conway, Scott Edelman, Mark Gruenwald, Bob Harras & Mark Waid, writers ; Jack Kirby, Gene Colan, John Buscema, Al Milgrom, Mike Manley, Rik Levins, Steve Epting & Andy Kubert, pencilers ; Joe Sinnott, Frank Giacoia, Terry Austin, Danny Bulanadi, Tom Palmer & Jesse Delperdang with Tom Morgan, inkers ; Stan Goldberg, Marie Severin, Irene Vartanoff, Paul Becton, Christie Scheele, Tom Palmer, Jason Wright & Digital Chameleon, colorists ; Artie Simek, John Costanza, Janice Chiang, Joe Rosen, Bill Oakley & Todd Klein, letterers.

Lee, Stan, 1922-2018 author.
New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, Inc., [2019]
142 pages, 42 unnumbered pages : chiefly illustrations ; 26 cm

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Captain Marvel : Star force
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"Get to know Captain Marvel and her spacefaring allies with these classic adventures! Who are the Kree warriors known as Starforce? Ronan the Accuser makes first contact between the Kree and Earth -- and he may be judge, jury, and executioner for the Fantastic Four! The vicious Colonel Yon-Rogg of the Kree brands Captain Mar-Vell a traitor for defending the people of Earth, leading Mar-Vell to assume the human identity of Walter Lawson and become the planet's protector against an awesome array of interstellar baddies! Kree Scientist Dr. Minerva targets Avengers sidekick Rick Jones for abduction! Carol Danvers takes on her first costumed identity as Ms. Marvel! Captain Atlas confronts cosmic protector Quasar, Korath the Pursuer clashes with Captain America, and the Starforce battles the Avengers! Finally, Carol and Cap face Bron Char of the Kree Lunatic Legion!" -- Back cover.
"Collecting Fantastic Four (1961) #65, Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) #12, Ms. Marvel (1977) #1, Captain Marvel (1968) #52, Quasar #10, Avengers (1963) #346, Captain America (1998) #8, material from Captain America (1968) #399 and more" -- Back cover.
Conway, Gerry, author.
Edelman, Scott, author.
Gruenwald, Mark, author.
Harras, Bob, author.
Waid, Mark, 1962- author.
Kirby, Jack, artist.
Colan, Gene, artist.
Buscema, John, artist.
Milgrom, Al, artist.
Manley, Mike, artist.
Levins, Rik, artist.
Epting, Steve, artist.
Kubert, Andy, artist.
Sinnott, Joe, artist.
Giacoia, Frank, artist.
Austin, Terry, 1952- artist.
Bulanadi, Danny, artist.
Palmer, Tom, 1942- artist.
Delperdang, Jesse, artist.
Morgan, Tom (Comic book artist) artist.
Goldberg, Stan, colorist.
Severin, Marie, colorist.
Vartanoff, Irene, colorist.
Becton, Paul, colorist.
Scheele, Christie, colorist.
Wright, Jason (Jason St. John), colorist.
Simek, Artie, 1916-1975, letterer.
Costanza, John, letterer.
Chiang, Janice, letterer.
Oakley, Bill, letterer.
Klein, Todd, letterer.
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