Principles of fermentation technology / Peter F. Stanbury, Allan Whitaker, Stephen J. Hall.

Stanbury, Peter F., author.
3rd ed.
Amsterdam : Elsevier, [2017]
1 online resource (826 p.)
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Cover; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Contents; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1 - An introduction to fermentation processes; The range of fermentation processes; Microbial biomass; Microbial enzymes; Microbial metabolites; Recombinant products; Transformation processes; The chronological development of the fermentation industry; The component parts of a fermentation process; References; Chapter 2 - Microbial growth kinetics; Batch culture; Exponential phase; Deceleration and stationary phases; Continuous culture; Multistage systems; Feedback systems; Internal feedback; External feedback
Comparison of batch and continuous culture in industrial processes Biomass productivity; Metabolite productivity; Continuous brewing; Continuous culture and biomass production; Comparison of batch and continuous culture as investigative tools; Fed-batch culture; Variable volume fed-batch culture; Fixed volume fed-batch culture; Fed-batch culture at a constant specific growth rate; Cyclic fed-batch culture; Application of fed-batch culture; Examples of the use of fed-batch culture; References; Chapter 3 - The isolation and improvement of industrially important microorganisms
Isolation of industrially important microorganisms Isolation methods utilizing selection of the desired characteristic; Enrichment liquid culture; Enrichment cultures using solidified media; Isolation methods not utilizing selection of the desired characteristic-from the "Waksman platform" to the 1990's; Screening methods and high throughput screening; Return of natural products; Broadening the base of the discovery process and maximizing gene expression; Improvement of industrial microorganisms; Improvement of strains producing primary biosynthetic products
Selection of induced mutants synthesizing improved levels of primary metabolites Isolation of Corynebacterium glutamicum and the role of permeability in the glutamate fermentation; Isolation of mutants that do not produce feedback inhibitors or repressors; Isolation of mutants that do not recognize the presence of inhibitors and repressors; The use of recombination systems for the improvement of primary metabolite production; Transduction, transformation, and protoplast fusion; Recombinant DNA technology
Postgenomic era-the influence of genomics, transcriptomics, and fluxomics on the improvement of primary metabolite producers Application of genomics; Application of transcriptomics; Application of metabolic flux analysis and a systems biology approach; Improvement of strains producing secondary biosynthetic products; Isolation of mutants producing improved yields of secondary metabolites; The empirical approach; Use of directed selection in the isolation of improved secondary metabolite producers; Use of recombination systems for the improvement of secondary metabolite production
The application of the parasexual cycle
Includes index.
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Whitaker, Allan, author.
Hall, Stephen J., author.
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