Handbook of reflector antennas and feed systems. Volume 3 : Applications of reflectors / Sudhakar Rao, Lotfollah Shafai, Satish Sharma, editors ; Vicki Kane, cover design ; contributors Dr. S. Bassily [and thirteen others].

Boston, Massachusetts : Artech House, 2013.
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Antennas, Reflector -- Design and construction.
Antennas, Reflector.
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This is the first truly comprehensive and most up-to-date handbook available on modern reflector antennas and feed sources for diversified space and ground applications. There has never been such an all-encompassing reflector handbook in print, and no currently available title offers coverage of such recent research developments. The Handbook consists of three volumes. Volume III focuses on the range of reflector antenna applications, including space, terrestrial, and radar. The intent of this book volume is to provide practical applications and design information on reflector antennas used fo
""Handbook of Reflector Antennas and Feed Systems""; ""Contents""; ""Preface""; ""Chapter 1 Introduction""; ""1.1 Introduction""; ""1.2 Reflector Antenna Basics""; ""1.3 Organization of Book Chapters""; ""References""; ""Chapter 2 Reflector Antennas for Space Communicatiion""; ""2.1 Introduction""; ""2.2 Contoured Beam Antennas""; ""2.2.1 Single-Offset Shaped Reflector Antenna for Contoured Beams""; ""2.2.2 Dual-Offset Gregorian Reflectors""; ""2.2.3 Gridded-Reflector Antennas""; ""2.3 Multiple-Beam Antennas""; ""2.3.1 Introduction""; ""2.3.2 Frequency Reuse Schemes ""
""2.3.3 Multiple-Beam Antenna Types""""2.3.4 Design and Analysis of Multiple-Beam Reflector Antennas""; ""2.3.5 Multiple-Beam Antenna Design Examples for Various Satellite Services""; ""References""; ""Chapter 3 Reflector Antennas for Terrestrial Commutions""; ""3.1 Introduction ""; ""3.2 Large Earth Station Reflector Antenn""; ""3.2.1 Design Method""; ""3.2.2 Main Performance""; ""3.3 Tri-Reflector Offset Antenna for Ter""; ""3.3.1 Electrical Design""; ""3.3.2 Structural Design""; ""3.3.3 Main Performance of a Prototype An""; ""3.4 Shaped Beam Horn Reflector Antenna f""; ""3.4.1 Design""
""3.4.2 Performance""""3.5 Offset-Shaped Dual-Reflector Antenna""; ""3.5.1 Reflector Design""; ""3.5.2 Mechanical Structure""; ""3.5.3 Main Performance""; ""3.6 Low-Profile Dual-Shaped Reflector An""; ""3.6.1 Design Method""; ""3.6.2 Main Performance""; ""3.7 Compact Reflector Antenna for Ku-Ban""; ""3.7.1 Compact Reflector Antenna Problems""; ""3.7.2 Design Example""; ""3.7.3 Main Performance""; ""3.8 Single-Reflector Wide-Beam-Spacing M""; ""3.8.1 Design""; ""3.8.2 Performance""; ""3.9 Multisector Omnidirectional Offset-S""; ""3.9.1 Design""; ""3.9.2 Performance""; ""References""
""Chapter 4 Reflector.Antennas.for.Terahertz.Imaging""""4.1 Introduction""; ""4.2 Reflector Systems Focusing in the Fr""; ""4.2.1 Focusing in the Fresnel or Fraunho""; ""4.2.2 Field in the Target Plane of a Foc""; ""4.2.3 General Properties of the Field in""; ""4.2.4 Equivalence Between Offset Parabol""; ""4.3 Imaging with Focal Plane Arrays""; ""4.3.1 Relationship Between the Reflector""; ""4.3.2 Focal Plane Sampling in Active Sys""; ""4.3.3 Focal Plane Sampling in Passive Sy""; ""4.3.4 Typical Reflector Systems""; ""4.4 Imaging with Mechanical Scanners""
""4.4.1 Types of Mechanical Scanners""""4.4.2 Typical Reflector Systems ""; ""Appendix 4A Derivation of Field in the F""; ""Appendix 4B Effective Height of the Refl""; ""Appendix 4C Power Received by an Antenna""; ""Appendix 4D Integration Time in Passive ""; ""Appendix 4E Instrument Background Contri""; ""References""; ""Chapter 5 Multiband.Reflector.Antennas""; ""5.1 Introduction""; ""5.2 Dual-Band Reflector Antennas with Si""; ""5.3 Dual-Band Reflector Antennas with Mu""; ""5.4 Multiband Antennas Supporting Severa""; ""5.4.1 Tri-Band Antenna""; ""5.4.2 Multiband Antenna Supporting Five ""
""5.5 Stepped-Reflector Antenna""
Includes index.
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Sudhakar Rao, B., editor.
Shafai, Lotfollah, editor.
Satish Sharma, editor.
Kane, Vicki, cover designer.
Bassily, S., contributor.
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