Sea clutter : scattering, the K distribution and radar performance / Keith Ward, Robert Tough and Simon Watts.

Ward, Keith D.
Second edition.
London : Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2013.
IEE radar, sonar and navigation series ; 25.
IET radar, sonar and navigation series ; 25
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Incoherent scatter radar.
Radar -- Interference -- Mathematical models.
Boats and boating -- Radar equipment.
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Sea Clutter: Scattering, the K Distribution and Radar Performance, 2nd Edition gives an authoritative account of our current understanding of radar sea clutter. Topics covered include the characteristics of radar sea clutter, modelling radar scattering by the ocean surface, statistical models of sea clutter, the simulation of clutter and other random processes, detection of small targets in sea clutter, imaging ocean surface features, radar detection performance calculations, CFAR detection, and the specification and measurement of radar performance. The calculation of the performance of pract
Contents; List of symbols; Chapter 1. Introduction; 1.1 Prologue; 1.2 Maritime radar; 1.3 The modelling of radar returns from the sea; 1.4 The use of clutter models in radar development; 1.4.1 Requirement definition; 1.4.2 Modelling of potential performance; 1.4.3 System and algorithm development; 1.4.4 Performance assessment and acceptance trials; 1.4.5 In-service tactics and training; 1.4.6 In-service upgrades; 1.5 Outline of the book; References; Part I: Sea clutter properties; Chapter 2. The characteristics of radar sea clutter; 2.1 Overview; 2.2 The sea surface
2.3 Sea clutter reflectivity2.4 Amplitude statistics; 2.4.1 The compound nature of sea clutter amplitude statistics; 2.5 Frequency agility and sea clutter; 2.6 Observations of amplitude distributions; 2.7 Polarisation characteristics; 2.8 Clutter spikes and modulations; 2.9 Coherent properties of radar sea clutter; 2.10 Spatial characteristics; 2.10.1 Range Autocorrelation Function (ACF); 2.10.2 Power spectrum analysis of range-time intensity plots; 2.11 Bistatic clutter; 2.11.1 Bistatic scattering geometry; 2.11.2 Bistatic reflectivity NBRCS; 2.11.3 Bistatic amplitude statistics
2.11.4 Bistatic Doppler spectraReferences; Chapter 3. Empirical models for sea clutter; 3.1 Overview; 3.2 Low grazing angle normalised sea clutter RCS models; 3.2.1 RRE model; 3.2.2 GIT model; 3.2.3 Sittrop's model; 3.2.4 The TSC model; 3.2.5 The hybrid model; 3.2.6 Other results; 3.3 Medium and high grazing angle normalised RCS models; 3.4 Bistatic normalised RCS models; 3.4.1 In-plane NBRCS models; 3.4.2 Out-of-plane NBRCS; 3.5 Low grazing angle statistics; 3.5.1 Lognormal distribution; 3.5.2 Weibull distribution; 3.5.3 Compound K distribution; 3.5.4 Compound K distribution plus noise
3.5.5 Shape parameter at low grazing angle3.5.6 Discrete spike modelling; 3.6 Medium grazing angle statistics; 3.7 Bistatic amplitude statistics; 3.8 Doppler spectra; 3.8.1 Average Doppler spectra; 3.8.2 Evolution of Doppler spectra with time; 3.8.3 Bistatic Doppler spectra; References; Chapter 4. The simulation of clutter and other random processes; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Generating uncorrelated random numbers with a prescribed PDF; 4.3 Generating correlated Gaussian random processes; 4.4 Fourier synthesis of random processes
4.5 Approximate methods for the generation of correlated gamma distributed random numbers4.6 The correlation properties of non-Gaussian processes generated by MNLT; 4.7 Correlated exponential and Weibull processes; 4.8 The generation of correlated gamma processes by MNLT; 4.9 Simulating coherent clutter; 4.9.1 Simulation of clutter spectra; 4.9.2 Simulation of time series data; 4.9.3 Discussion; References; Part II: Mathematics of the K distribution; Chapter 5. Elements of probability theory; 5.1 Introduction; 5.2 Finite numbers of discrete events; 5.3 An infinite number of discrete events
5.4 Continuous random variables
Previous ed.: 2006.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Tough, Robert J. A.
Watts, Simon, 1949-
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