Ionizing radiation exposure of the population of the United States [electronic resource].

Bethesda, Md. : National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, [2009]
NCRP report ; no. 160.
NCRP report ; no. 160
1 online resource (403 p.)
Ionizing radiation -- Dosage.
Ionizing radiation -- Environmental aspects -- United States.
Health risk assessment -- United States.
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""Preface""; ""Contents""; ""1. Executive Summary""; ""1.1 Ubiquitous Background Exposure""; ""1.2 Medical Exposure of Patients""; ""1.3 Consumer Products and Activities""; ""1.4 Industrial, Security, Medical, Educational and Research Activities""; ""1.5 Occupational Exposure""; ""1.6 Overall Results for 2006""; ""2. Introduction""; ""2.1 Present Report""; ""2.2 Radiation Source Categories""; ""2.2.1 Ubiquitous Background Radiation""; ""2.2.2 Patient Exposure from Medical Procedures""; ""2.2.3 Consumer Products and Activities""
""2.2.4 Industrial, Security, Medical, Educational and Research Activities""""2.2.5 Occupational Exposure""; ""2.3 Principal Radiation Dose Quantities in this Report""; ""2.3.1 Effective Dose""; ""2.3.2 Collective Effective Dose""; ""2.3.3 Average Effective Dose to an Individual in a Group Exposed to a Specific Source""; ""2.3.4 Effective Dose per Individual in the U.S. Population""; ""3. Ubiquitous Background Radiation""; ""3.1 Introduction""; ""3.2 Sources of Exposure""; ""3.2.1 Naturally-Occurring Radionuclides""; ""3.2.2 Anthropogenic Radionuclides""; ""3.2.3 External Radiation""
""3.2.4 Internal Radiation (Radionuclides in the Body)""""3.2.5 Assessment of Sources of Exposure""; ""3.3 Space Radiation""; ""3.3.1 Calculations""; ""3.3.2 Recent Results for U.S. Urban Areas""; ""3.3.3 Earlier Results""; ""3.4 Terrestrial Gamma Radiation""; ""3.4.1 Source Terms""; ""3.4.2 Methodology""; ""3.4.3 Data""; ""3.4.4 Results""; ""3.5 Radon and Thoron and Their Short-Lived Decay Products""; ""3.5.1 Radon Quantities and Units""; ""3.5.2 Residential Exposure""; ""3.5.3 Changes in Exposure to Radon and Thoron Decay Products Since 1987""
""3.5.4 Exposure Characteristics of Radon and Radon Decay Products""""3.5.5 Time-Use and Radon Exposure""; ""3.5.6 Variability in the Geographic Distribution of Radon""; ""3.5.7 Outdoor (Ambient) Radon""; ""3.5.8 Other Indoor Exposure""; ""3.5.9 Estimate of Population Exposure""; ""3.5.10 Average Dose from Radon Progeny""; ""3.5.11 Sources of Variability, Bias and Uncertainty""; ""3.5.12 Dose from Inhaled Radon Gas""; ""3.5.13 Thoron""; ""3.6 Radionuclides in the Body""; ""3.6.1 Potassium-40""; ""3.6.2 Thorium-232 and Uranium-238 Series""; ""3.6.3 Radionuclides in Domestic Water Supplies""
""3.6.4 Cosmogenic Radionuclides""""3.7 Summary and Conclusions""; ""4. Medical Exposure of Patients""; ""4.1 Introduction""; ""4.1.1 Exposure Categories""; ""4.1.2 Sources of Data on the Estimates of the Number of Procedures""; ""4.1.3 Sources of Data for Effective Dose per Procedure""; ""4.2 Computed Tomography""; ""4.2.1 Effective Dose from Computed Tomography""; ""4.2.2 Estimating Computed Tomography Usage in the United States""; ""4.2.3 Collective Effective Dose Calculations""; ""4.2.4 Sources of Uncertainty in the Dose""; ""4.2.5 Trends in the Next Ten Years""
""4.3 Conventional Radiography and Fluoroscopy""
Update of: NCRP report no. 93, Ionizing radiation exposure of the population of the United States, c1987.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements.
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements. Scientific Committee 6-2 on Radiation Exposure of the U.S. Population.
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements.
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