Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2007 [electronic resource] : 32nd International Symposium, MFCS 2007 Ceský Krumlov, Czech Republic, August 26-31, 2007, Proceedings / edited by Ludek Kucera, Antonín Kucera.

Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 2007.
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1st ed. 2007.
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
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Computer science-Mathematics.
Data structures (Computer science).
Computer logic.
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Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science. (search)
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Invited Papers
How To Be Fickle
Finite Model Theory on Tame Classes of Structures
Minimum Cycle Bases in Graphs Algorithms and Applications
Hierarchies of Infinite Structures Generated by Pushdown Automata and Recursion Schemes
Random Graphs
Expander Properties and the Cover Time of Random Intersection Graphs
Uncover Low Degree Vertices and Minimise the Mess: Independent Sets in Random Regular Graphs
Transition Graphs of Rewriting Systems over Unranked Trees
Rewriting Conjunctive Queries Determined by Views
Approximation Algorithms
Approximation Algorithms for the Maximum Internal Spanning Tree Problem
New Approximability Results for 2-Dimensional Packing Problems
On Approximation of Bookmark Assignments
Automata and Circuits
Height-Deterministic Pushdown Automata
Minimizing Variants of Visibly Pushdown Automata
Linear Circuits, Two-Variable Logic and Weakly Blocked Monoids
Complexity I
Combinatorial Proof that Subprojective Constraint Satisfaction Problems are NP-Complete
NP by Means of Lifts and Shadows
The Complexity of Solitaire
Streams and Compression
Adapting Parallel Algorithms to the W-Stream Model, with Applications to Graph Problems
Space-Conscious Compression
Graphs I
Small Alliances in Graphs
The Maximum Solution Problem on Graphs
Iteration and Recursion
What Are Iteration Theories?
Properties Complementary to Program Self-reference
Algorithms I
Dobrushin Conditions for Systematic Scan with Block Dynamics
On the Complexity of Computing Treelength
On Time Lookahead Algorithms for the Online Data Acknowledgement Problem
Real Time Language Recognition on 2D Cellular Automata: Dealing with Non-convex Neighborhoods
Towards a Rice Theorem on Traces of Cellular Automata
Progresses in the Analysis of Stochastic 2D Cellular Automata: A Study of Asynchronous 2D Minority
Complexity II
Public Key Identification Based on the Equivalence of Quadratic Forms
Reachability Problems in Quaternion Matrix and Rotation Semigroups
VPSPACE and a Transfer Theorem over the Complex Field
Efficient Provably-Secure Hierarchical Key Assignment Schemes
Nearly Private Information Retrieval
Graphs II
Packing and Squeezing Subgraphs into Planar Graphs
Dynamic Matchings in Convex Bipartite Graphs
Communication in Networks with Random Dependent Faults
Optimal Gossiping in Directed Geometric Radio Networks in Presence of Dynamical Faults
Algorithms II
A Linear Time Algorithm for the k Maximal Sums Problem
A Lower Bound of 1?+?? for Truthful Scheduling Mechanisms
Analysis of Maximal Repetitions in Strings
Series-Parallel Languages on Scattered and Countable Posets
Traces of Term-Automatic Graphs
State Complexity of Basic Operations on Suffix-Free Regular Languages
Graphs III
Exact Algorithms for L(2,1)-Labeling of Graphs
On (k,?)-Leaf Powers
Quantum Computing
An Improved Claw Finding Algorithm Using Quantum Walk
Complexity Upper Bounds for Classical Locally Random Reductions Using a Quantum Computational Argument
On the Complexity of Game Isomorphism
Hardness Results for Tournament Isomorphism and Automorphism
Relating Complete and Partial Solution for Problems Similar to Graph Automorphism
Well Supported Approximate Equilibria in Bimatrix Games: A Graph Theoretic Approach
Selfish Load Balancing Under Partial Knowledge
Extending the Notion of Rationality of Selfish Agents: Second Order Nash Equilibria
Congestion Games with Player-Specific Constants
Finding Patterns in Given Intervals
The Power of Two Prices: Beyond Cross-Monotonicity
Algebra and Strings
Semisimple Algebras of Almost Minimal Rank over the Reals
Structural Analysis of Gapped Motifs of a String
Algorithms III
Online and Offline Access to Short Lists
Optimal Randomized Comparison Based Algorithms for Collision
Randomized and Approximation Algorithms for Blue-Red Matching
Words and Graphs
Real Computational Universality: The Word Problem for a Class of Groups with Infinite Presentation
Finding Paths Between Graph Colourings: PSPACE-Completeness and Superpolynomial Distances
Shuffle Expressions and Words with Nested Data.
Kučera, Luděk, editor., Editor,
Kučera, A. (Antonín), editor., Editor,
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