Machine Learning: ECML 2004 [electronic resource] : 15th European Conference on Machine Learning, Pisa, Italy, September 20-24, 2004, Proceedings / edited by Jean-Francois Boulicaut, Floriana Esposito, Fosca Giannotti, Dino Pedreschi.

Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 2004.
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1st ed. 2004.
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Lecture notes in computer science. Lecture notes in artificial intelligence 3201
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence ; 3201
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Artificial intelligence.
Logic, Symbolic and mathematical.
Database management.
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Artificial Intelligence. (search)
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity. (search)
Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages. (search)
Database Management. (search)
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Invited Papers
Random Matrices in Data Analysis
Data Privacy
Breaking Through the Syntax Barrier: Searching with Entities and Relations
Real-World Learning with Markov Logic Networks
Strength in Diversity: The Advance of Data Analysis
Contributed Papers
Filtered Reinforcement Learning
Applying Support Vector Machines to Imbalanced Datasets
Sensitivity Analysis of the Result in Binary Decision Trees
A Boosting Approach to Multiple Instance Learning
An Experimental Study of Different Approaches to Reinforcement Learning in Common Interest Stochastic Games
Learning from Message Pairs for Automatic Email Answering
Concept Formation in Expressive Description Logics
Multi-level Boundary Classification for Information Extraction
An Analysis of Stopping and Filtering Criteria for Rule Learning
Adaptive Online Time Allocation to Search Algorithms
Model Approximation for HEXQ Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Iterative Ensemble Classification for Relational Data: A Case Study of Semantic Web Services
Analyzing Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Using Evolutionary Dynamics
Experiments in Value Function Approximation with Sparse Support Vector Regression
Constructive Induction for Classifying Time Series
Fisher Kernels for Logical Sequences
The Enron Corpus: A New Dataset for Email Classification Research
Margin Maximizing Discriminant Analysis
Multi-objective Classification with Info-Fuzzy Networks
Improving Progressive Sampling via Meta-learning on Learning Curves
Methods for Rule Conflict Resolution
An Efficient Method to Estimate Labelled Sample Size for Transductive LDA(QDA/MDA) Based on Bayes Risk
Analyzing Sensory Data Using Non-linear Preference Learning with Feature Subset Selection
Dynamic Asset Allocation Exploiting Predictors in Reinforcement Learning Framework
Justification-Based Selection of Training Examples for Case Base Reduction
Using Feature Conjunctions Across Examples for Learning Pairwise Classifiers
Feature Selection Filters Based on the Permutation Test
Sparse Distributed Memories for On-Line Value-Based Reinforcement Learning
Improving Random Forests
The Principal Components Analysis of a Graph, and Its Relationships to Spectral Clustering
Using String Kernels to Identify Famous Performers from Their Playing Style
Associative Clustering
Learning to Fly Simple and Robust
Bayesian Network Methods for Traffic Flow Forecasting with Incomplete Data
Matching Model Versus Single Model: A Study of the Requirement to Match Class Distribution Using Decision Trees
Inducing Polynomial Equations for Regression
Efficient Hyperkernel Learning Using Second-Order Cone Programming
Effective Voting of Heterogeneous Classifiers
Convergence and Divergence in Standard and Averaging Reinforcement Learning
Document Representation for One-Class SVM
Naive Bayesian Classifiers for Ranking
Conditional Independence Trees
Exploiting Unlabeled Data in Content-Based Image Retrieval
Population Diversity in Permutation-Based Genetic Algorithm
Simultaneous Concept Learning of Fuzzy Rules
SWITCH: A Novel Approach to Ensemble Learning for Heterogeneous Data
Estimating Attributed Central Orders
Batch Reinforcement Learning with State Importance
Explicit Local Models: Towards "Optimal" Optimization Algorithms
An Intelligent Model for the Signorini Contact Problem in Belt Grinding Processes
Cluster-Grouping: From Subgroup Discovery to Clustering.
Boulicaut, Jean-Franc╠žois, editor., Editor,
Esposito, Floriana. editor., Editor,
Giannotti, Fosca, editor., Editor,
Pedreschi, Dino, editor., Editor,
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