Modular Programming Languages [electronic resource] : Joint Modular Languages Conference, JMLC 2003, Klagenfurt, Austria, August 25-27, 2003, Proceedings / edited by László Böszörményi, Peter Schojer.

1st ed. 2003.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 2003.
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Lecture notes in computer science 0302-9743 ; 2789
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 0302-9743 ; 2789
1 online resource (XIV, 278 pages)
Programming languages (Electronic computers)
Computer programming.
Software engineering.
Operating systems (Computers)
Computer logic.
Local subjects:
Programming Languages, Compilers, Interpreters.
Programming Techniques.
Software Engineering.
Operating Systems.
Logics and Meanings of Programs.
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Invited Talks
The Essence of Programming Languages
Safe Code - It's Not Just for Applets Anymore
Computing with Distributed Resources
The Verifying Compiler: A Grand Challenge for Computing Research
Evolving a Multi-language Object-Oriented Framework: Lessons from .NET
Architectural Concepts and Education
The KITE Application Server Architecture
Compiler Support for Reference Tracking in a Type-Safe DSM
Caste: A Step Beyond Object Orientation
Distributed XML Objects
Programming Education: A Russian Perspective
Component Architectures
Towards an Adaptive Distributed Multimedia Streaming Server Architecture Based on Service-Oriented Components
A Layered Type System for Re-entrance Control
A Practical Approach to Software Portability Based on Strong Typing and Architectural Stratification
Object Life-Cycle Management in a Highly Flexible Middleware System
Fighting Class Name Clashes in Java Component Systems
Language Concepts
Real-Time Systems Development Using Hierarchical State Machines
Classboxes: A Minimal Module Model Supporting Local Rebinding
Zonnon for .NET - A Language and Compiler Experiment
Safely Extending Procedure Types to Allow Nested Procedures as Values
Frameworks and Design Principles
Leveraging Managed Frameworks from Modular Languages
Systems - Components + Languages: Building a Flexible Real-Time Simulation and Test Environment
Event Library: An Object-Oriented Library for Event-Driven Design
Controlling Access to Distributed Object Frameworks
Architectural Aspects of a Thread-Safe Graphical Component System Based on Aos
Compilers and Tools
LL(1) Conflict Resolution in a Recursive Descent Compiler Generator
Graph Coloring vs. Optimal Register Allocation for Optimizing Compilers
A Source-To-Source Architecture for User-Defined Optimizations
An Oberon Linker for an Imperfect World - More Notes on Building Your Own Tools
Formal Aspects and Reflective Programming
Language Definition in the Schütz Semantic Editor
Demand-Driven Specification Partitioning
Source-to-Source Transformation in the Large
Metaprogramming Library for the C# Programming Language.
Boszormenyi, Laszlo, editor., Editor,
Schojer, Peter, editor., Editor,
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