Computing and Combinatorics [electronic resource] : 7th Annual International Conference, COCOON 2001, Guilin, China, August 20-23, 2001, Proceedings / edited by Jie Wang.

Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 2001.
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1st ed. 2001.
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Lecture notes in computer science 0302-9743 ; 2108
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 0302-9743 ; 2108
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Discrete mathematics.
Computer science-Mathematics.
Computer graphics.
Computer networks.
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Complexity Theory
Complete Problems for Valiant's Class of qp-Computable Families of Polynomials
Log-Space Constructible Universal Traversal Sequences for Cycles of Length O(n 4.03)
On Universally Polynomial Context-Free Languages
Separating Oblivious and Non-oblivious BPs
Program Schemes, Queues, the Recursive Spectrum and Zero-One Laws
Algebraic Properties for P-Selectivity
Parallelizability of Some P-Complete Geometric Problems in the EREW-PRAM
Computational Biology
Enhanced Sequence Reconstruction with DNA Microarray Application
Non-approximability of Weighted Multiple Sequence Alignment
A Greedy Algorithm for Optimal Recombination
Computational Geometry
Generating Well-Shaped d-dimensional Delaunay Meshes
Towards Compatible Triangulations
An Improved Upper Bound on the Size of Planar Convex-Hulls
On the Planar Two-Watchtower Problem
Efficient Generation of Triconnected Plane Triangulations
Packing Two Disks into a Polygonal Environment
Maximum Red/Blue Interval Matching with Application
Computing Farthest Neighbors on a Convex Polytope
Finding an Optimal Bridge between Two Polygons
How Good Is Sink Insertion?
Polynomial Time Algorithms for Three-Label Point Labeling
Approximation Algorithms for the Watchman Route and Zookeeper's Problems
Data Structures and Algorithms
PC-Trees vs. PQ-Trees
Stacks versus Deques
Optimizing a Computational Method for Length Lower Bounds for Reflecting Sequences
Games and Combinatorics
Competitive Facility Location along a Highway
Membership for Core of LP Games and Other Games
Strong Solutions to the Identification Problem
Area Efficient Exponentiation Using Modular Multiplier/Squarer in GF(2m)1
Graph Algorithms and Complexity
A Space Saving Trick for Directed Dynamic Transitive Closure and Shortest Path Algorithms
Finding the Most Vital Node of a Shortest Path
Algorithm for the Cost Edge-Coloring of Trees
Counting H-Colorings of Partial k-Trees
A Linear Time Algorithm for Enumerating All the Minimum and Minimal Separators of a Chordal Graph
Graph Separators: A Parameterized View
On Assigning Prefix Free Codes to the Vertices of a Graph
A New Measure of Edit Distance between Labeled Trees
A Highly Efficient Algorithm to Determine Bicritical Graphs
Graph Drawing
Layered Drawings of Graphs with Crossing Constraints
On the Validity of Hierarchical Decompositions
Graph Theory
Lower Bounds on the Minus Domination and k-Subdomination Numbers
Edge Connectivity vs Vertex Connectivity in Chordal Graphs
Changing the Diameter of Graph Products
Plane Graphs with Acyclic Complex
On the Domination Numbers of Generalized de Bruijn Digraphs and Generalized Kautz Digraphs
A Notion of Cross-Perfect Bipartite Graphs
Some Results on Orthogonal Factorizations
Cluttered Orderings for the Complete Graph
Online Algorithms
Improved On-Line Stream Merging: From a Restricted to a General Setting
On-Line Deadline Scheduling on Multiple Resources
Competitive Online Scheduling with Level of Service
On-Line Variable Sized Covering
Randomized and Average-Case Algorithms
On Testing for Zero Polynomials by a Set of Points with Bounded Precision
A Randomized Algorithm for Gossiping in Radio Networks
Deterministic Application of Grover's Quantum Search Algorithm
Random Instance Generation for MAX 3SAT
Steiner Trees
The Euclidean Bottleneck Steiner Tree and Steiner Tree with Minimum Number of Steiner Points
AnFPTAS forWeight-Constrained SteinerTrees in Series-Parallel Graphs
Systems Algorithms and Modeling
Decidable Approximations on Generalized and Parameterized Discrete Timed Automata
Multiplicative Adaptive Algorithms for User Preference Retrieval
Parametric Scheduling for Network Constraints
A Logical Framework for Knowledge Sharing in Multi-agent Systems
A Lockout Avoidance Algorithm without Using Time-Stamps for the k-Exclusion Problem
Prefix-Free Languages and Initial Segments of Computably Enumerable Degrees
Weakly Computable Real Numbers and Total Computable Real Functions
Turing Computability of a Nonlinear SchroŐądinger Propagator.
Wang, Jie, editor., Editor,
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