Discovery Science [electronic resource] : Second International Conference, DS'99, Tokyo, Japan, December 6-8, 1999 Proceedings / edited by Setsuo Arikawa, Koichi Furukawa.

1st ed. 1999.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 1999.
Computer Science (Springer-11645)
Lecture notes in computer science. Lecture notes in artificial intelligence 1721
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence ; 1721
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Philosophy and science.
Artificial intelligence.
Information storage and retrieval.
Database management.
Information technology.
Business-Data processing.
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Philosophy of Science.
Artificial Intelligence.
Information Storage and Retrieval.
Database Management.
IT in Business.
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Invited Papers
The Melting Pot of Automated Discovery: Principles for a New Science
Expressive Probability Models in Science
Contributed Papers
Weighted Majority Decision among Several Region Rules for Scientific Discovery
CAEP: Classification by Aggregating Emerging Patterns
An Appropriate Abstraction for an Attribute-Oriented Induction
Collaborative Hypothesis Testing Processes by Interactive Production Systems
Computer Aided Discovery of User's Hidden Interest for Query Restructuring
Iterative Naive Bayes
Schema Design for Causal Law Mining from Incomplete Database
Design and Evaluation of an Environment to Automate the Construction of Inductive Applications
Designing Views in HypothesisCreator: System for Assisting in Discovery
Discovering Poetic Allusion in Anthologies of Classical Japanese Poems
Characteristic Sets of Strings Common to Semi-structured Documents
Approximation of Optimal Two-Dimensional Association Rules for Categorical Attributes Using Semidefinite Programming
Data Mining of Generalized Association Rules Using a Method of Partial-Match Retrieval
Adaptive Sampling Methods for Scaling Up Knowledge Discovery Algorithms
Scheduled Discovery of Exception Rules
Learning in Constraint Databases
Discover Risky Active Faults by Indexing an Earthquake Sequence
Machine Discovery Based on the Co-occurrence of References in a Search Engine
Smoothness Prior Approach to Explore the Mean Structure in Large Time Series Data
Automatic Detection of Geomagnetic Sudden Commencement Using Lifting Wavelet Filters
A Noise Resistant Model Inference System
A Graphical Method for Parameter Learning of Symbolic-Statistical Models
Parallel Execution for Speeding Up Inductive Logic Programming Systems
Discovery of a Set of Nominally Conditioned Polynomials
H-Map: A Dimension Reduction Mapping for Approximate Retrieval of Multi-dimensional Data
Normal Form Transformation for Object Recognition Based on Support Vector Machines
A Definition of Discovery in Terms of Generalized Descriptional Complexity
Feature Selection Using Consistency Measure
A Model of Children's Vocabulary Acquisition Using Inductive Logic Programming
Automatic Acquisition of Image Processing Procedures from Sample Sets of Classified Images Based on Requirement of Misclassification Rate
"Thermodynamics" from Time Series Data Analysis
Developing a Knowledge Network of URLs
Derivation of the Topology Structure from Massive Graph Data
Mining Association Algorithm Based on ROC Convex Hull Method in Bibliographic Navigation System
Regularization of Linear Regression Models in Various Metric Spaces
Argument-Based Agent Systems
Graph-Based Induction for General Graph Structured Data
Rules Extraction by Constructive Learning of Neural Networks and Hidden-Unit Clustering
Weighted Majority Decision among Region Rules for a Categorical Dataset
Rule Discovery Technique Using GP with Crossover to Maintain Variety
From Visualization to Interactive Animation of Database Records
Extraction of Primitive Motion for Human Motion Recognition
Finding Meaningful Regions Containing Given Keywords from Large Text Collections
Mining Adaptation Rules from Cases in CBR Systems
An Automatic Acquisition of Acoustical Units for Speech Recognition Based on Hidden Markov Network
Knowledge Discovery from Health Data Using Weighted Aggregation Classifiers
Search for New Methods for Assignment of Complex Molecular Spectra
Automatic Discovery of Definition Patterns Based on the MDL Principle
Detection of the Structure of Particle Velocity Distribution by Finite Mixture Distribution Model
Mutagenes Discovery Using PC GUHA Software System
Discovering the Primary Factors of Cancer from Health and Living Habit Questionnaires.
Arikawa, Setsuo. editor., Editor,
Furukawa, Kōichi, editor., Editor,
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