Advances in Hybrid Information Technology [electronic resource] : First International Conference, ICHIT 2006, Jeju Island, Korea, November 9-11, 2006, Revised Selected Papers / edited by Marcin S. Szczuka, Daniel Howard, Dominik Slezak, Haeng-kon Kim, Tai-hoon Kim, Il-seok Ko, Geuk Lee, Peter M.A. Sloot.

1st ed. 2007.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 2007.
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As information technologies (IT) become specialized and fragmented, it is easy to lose sight that many topics in IT have common threads and because of this, advances in one sub-discipline may transmit to another. The presentation of results between di?erent sub-disciplines of IT encourages this interchange for the advancement of IT as a whole. Of particular interest is the hybrid approach or combining ideas from one discipline with those of another to achieve a result that is more signi?cant than the sum of the individual parts. Through this hybrid philosophy, a new or common principle can be discovered which has the propensity to propagate throughout this multifaceted discipline. This volume comprises the selection of extended versions of papers that were presentedintheirshortenedformatthe2006InternationalConferenceonHybrid InformationTechnology( papers out of the 235 that were published in ICHIT 2006 electronic proceedings were deemed suitable for inclusion in this volume, in a selection that was guided by technical quality and relevance to the balance of topics in hybrid information technology. The conference re?ected a change in the thinking of scientists and practitioners,whonowtendtojointheire?ortswithinmultidisciplinaryprojects. As a consequence, the readers may observe that many papers might conceivably be classi?ed into more than one chapter, given their interdisciplinary scope. The contributions in this monograph are clustered into six chapters: Data Analysis, Modeling, and Learning (11 papers); Imaging, Speech, and Complex Data (11 papers); Applications of Arti?cial Intelligence (11 papers); Hybrid, Smart, and UbiquitousSystems(11papers);HardwareandSoftwareEngineering(9papers); as well as Networking and Telecommunications (11 papers).
Data Analysis, Modelling, and Learning
Taking Class Importance into Account
Tolerance Based Templates for Information Systems: Foundations and Perspectives
Reduction Based Symbolic Value Partition
Investigative Data Mining for Counterterrorism
Data Integration Using Lazy Types
Data Generalization Algorithm for the Extraction of Road Horizontal Alignment Design Elements Using the GPS/INS Data
Personalized E-Learning Process Using Effective Assessment and Feedback
Optimally Pricing European Options with Real Distributions
Applying Stated Preference Methods to Investigate Effects of Traffic Information on Route Choice
A Study on Determining the Priorities of ITS Services Using Analytic Hierarchy and Network Processes
An Introduction of Indicator Variables and Their Application to the Characteristics of Congested Traffic Flow at the Merge Area
Imaging, Speech, and Complex Data
Image Resize Application of Novel Stochastic Methods of Function Recovery
Automatic Face Analysis System Based on Face Recognition and Facial Physiognomy
Moving Cast Shadow Elimination Algorithm Using Principal Component Analysis in Vehicle Surveillance Video
Automatic Marker-Driven Three Dimensional Watershed Transform for Tumor Volume Measurement
A Study on the Medical Image Transmission Service Based on IEEE 802.15.4a
Detecting Image Based Spam Email
Efficient Fixed Codebook Search Method for ACELP Speech Codecs
Conventional Beamformer Using Post-filter for Speech Enhancement
Bandwidth Extension of a Narrowband Speech Coder for Music Delivery over IP
A User-Oriented GIS Search Service Using Ontology in Location-Based Services
A Filtered Retrieval Technique for Structural Information
Applications of Artificial Intelligence
An Analysis of a Lymphoma/Leukaemia Dataset Using Rough Sets and Neural Networks
A Frequency Adaptive Packet Wavelet Coder for Still Images Using CNN
Reduced RBF Centers Based Multi-user Detection in DS-CDMA Systems
Approximate Life Cycle Assessment of Product Concepts Using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network Approach
A Solution for Bi-level Network Design Problem Through Nash Genetic Algorithm
An Alternative Measure of Public Transport Accessibility Based on Space Syntax
Adaptive Routing Algorithm Using Evolution Program for Multiple Shortest Paths in DRGS
Particle Swarm Optimization for a Multi-UCAV Cooperative Task Scheduling
Expert System Using Fuzzy Petri Nets in Computer Forensics
MMORPG Map Evaluation Using Pedestrian Agents
The Analysis of Game Playing Experiences: Focusing on Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
Hybrid, Smart, and Ubiquitous Systems
How to Overcome Main Obstacles to Building a Virtual Telematics Center
Real-Time Travel Time Estimation Using Automatic Vehicle Identification Data in Hong Kong
A Context-Aware Elevator Scheduling System for Smart Apartment Buildings
A MOM-Based Home Automation Platform
An Error Sharing Agent for Multimedia Collaboration Environment Running on Pervasive Networks
A Hybrid Intelligent Multimedia Service Framework in Next Generation Home Network Environment
Integration of Artificial Market Simulation and Text Mining for Market Analysis
Agent-Based Intelligent Decision Support for the Home Healthcare Environment
An Aware-Environment Enhanced Group Home: AwareRium
The Situation Dependent Application Areas of EPC Sensor Network in u-Healthcare
Ubiquitous Healthcare System Using Context Information Based on the DOGF
Hardware and Software Engineering
Load Balancing Using Dynamic Replication Scheme for the Distributed Object Group
Design and Implementation of a Performance Analysis and Visualization Toolkit for Cluster Environments
Enterprise Application Framework for Constructing Secure RFID Application
A GDB-Based Real-Time Tracing Tool for Remote Debugging of SoC Programs
A Novel Buffer Cache Scheme Using Java Card Object with High Locality for Efficient Java Card Applications
Design and Implementation of the Decompiler for Virtual Machine Code of the C++ Compiler in the Ubiquitous Game Platform
Mobile Pharmacology
Wireless Control System for Pet Dogs in a Residential Environment
Intelligent Embedded Real-Time Software Architecture for Dynamic Skill Selection and Identification in Multi-shaped Robots
Networking and Telecommunications
The Accurate Performance Evaluation of Time Hopping UWB Systems with Pulse Based Polarity
Improvement of Adaptive Modulation System with Optimal Turbo Coded V-BLAST Technique
Header Compression of RTP/UDP/IP Packets for Real Time High-Speed IP Networks
Repetition Coding Aided Time-Domain Cancellation for Inter-Carrier Interference Reduction in OFDM Systems
On Scheduling Transmissions for Hidden Terminal Problems in Dynamic RFID Systems
Efficient RFID Authentication Protocol for Minimizing RFID Tag Computation
Design of WLAN Secure System Against Weaknesses of the IEEE 802.1x
A Sophisticated Base Station Centralized Simple Clustering Protocol for Sensor Networks
Plus-Tree: A Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Optimization and Routing Discovery for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: A Cross Layer Approach
Analysis of the Characteristics of Rain Attenuation in the 12.25GHz Band for Wireless Networking.
Szczuka, Marcin S. editor., Editor,
Howard, Daniel, editor., Editor,
Ślęzak, Dominik, editor., Editor,
Kim, Haeng-Kon, editor., Editor,
Kim, Tai-hoon, editor., Editor,
Ko, Il-seok. editor., Editor,
Lee, Geuk, editor., Editor,
Sloot, Peter M.A. editor., Editor,
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