Computational Science - ICCS 2007 [electronic resource] : 7th International Conference, Beijing China, May 27-30, 2007, Proceedings, Part IV / edited by Yong Shi, Geert Dick van Albada, Jack Dongarra, Peter M.A. Sloot.

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Roadmapping and i-Systems
Exploring Computational Scheme of Complex Problem Solving Based on Meta-Synthesis Approach
ICT and Special Educational Needs: Using Meta-synthesis for Bridging the Multifaceted Divide
Discovering Latent Structures: Experience with the CoIL Challenge 2000 Data Set
Exploration of TCM Masters Knowledge Mining
A Numerical Trip to Social Psychology: Long-Living States of Cognitive Dissonance
A Hidden Pattern Discovery and Meta-synthesis of Preference Adjustment in Group Decision-Making
Discussion on the Spike Train Recognition Mechanisms in Neural Circuits
Extended Clustering Coefficients of Small-World Networks
Detecting Invisible Relevant Persons in a Homogeneous Social Network
The Study of Size Distribution and Spatial Distribution of Urban Systems in Guangdong, China
Emergence of Social Rumor: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulations
Emergence of Specialization from Global Optimizing Evolution in a Multi-agent System
A Hybrid Econometric-AI Ensemble Learning Model for Chinese Foreign Trade Prediction
The Origin of Volatility Cascade of the Financial Market
Tactical Battlefield Entities Simulation Model Based on Multi-agent Interactions
Extensive Epidemic Spreading Model Based on Multi-agent System Framework
Simulation of Employee Behavior Based on Cellular Automata Model
Modeling, Learning and Simulating Biological Cells with Entity Grammar
Chance Discovery in Credit Risk Management: Estimation of Chain Reaction Bankruptcy Structure by Directed KeyGraph
Text Classification with Support Vector Machine and Back Propagation Neural Network
Construction and Application of PSO-SVM Model for Personal Credit Scoring
Feature Description Systems for Clusters by Using Logical Rule Generations Based on the Genetic Programming and Its Applications to Data Mining
Artificial Immunity-Based Discovery for Popular Information in WEB Pages
Network Structure and Knowledge Transfer
Information Relationship Identification in Team Innovation
Agile Knowledge Supply Chain for Emergency Decision-Making Support
Interactive Fuzzy Goal Programming Approach for Optimization of Extended Hub-and-Spoke Regional Port Transportation Networks
A Pseudo-Boolean Optimization for Multiple Criteria Decision Making in Complex Systems
The Study of Mission Reliability of QRMS Based on the Multistage Markov Process
Performance Analysis and Evaluation of Digital Connection Oriented Internet Service Systems
A Knowledge-Based Model Representation and On-Line Solution Method for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem
Numerical Simulation of Static Noise Margin for a Six-Transistor Static Random Access Memory Cell with 32nm Fin-Typed Field Effect Transistors
Numerical Solution to Maxwell's Equations in Singular Waveguides
Quantum-Inspired Genetic Algorithm Based Time-Frequency Atom Decomposition
Latency Estimation of the Asynchronous Pipeline Using the Max-Plus Algebra
A Simulation-Based Hybrid Optimization Technique for Low Noise Amplifier Design Automation
Spectral Collocation Technique for Absorbing Boundary Conditions with Increasingly High Order Approximation
Shockwave Detection for Electronic Vehicle Detectors
Contour Extraction Algorithm Using a Robust Neural Network
A Discrete Parameter-Driven Time Series Model for Traffic Flow in ITS
Peer-Based Efficient Content Distribution in Ad Hoc Networks
Session Key Reuse Scheme to Improve Routing Efficiency in AnonDSR
Clustering in Ad Hoc Personal Network Formation
Message Complexity Analysis of MANET Address Autoconfiguration Algorithms in Group Merging Case
A Robust Route Maintenance Scheme for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
Route Optimization with MAP-Based Enhancement in Mobile Networks
Performance Enhancement Schemes of OFDMA System for Broadband Wireless Access
Performance Analysis of Digital Wireless Networks with ARQ Schemes
A Novel Frequency Offset Estimation Algorithm Using Differential Combining for OFDM-Based WLAN Systems
Design and Performance Evaluation of High Efficient TCP for HBDP Networks
A Reliable Transmission Strategy in Unreliable Wireless Sensor Networks
Genetic Algorithmic Topology Control for Two-Tiered Wireless Sensor Networks
A Delay Sensitive Feedback Control Data Aggregation Approach in Wireless Sensor Network
A Low Power Real-Time Scheduling Scheme for the Wireless Sensor Network
Analysis of an Adaptive Key Selection Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
Unusual Event Recognition for Mobile Alarm System
Information Exchange for Controlling Internet Robots
A Privacy-Aware Identity Design for Exploring Ubiquitous Collaborative Wisdom
Performance Comparison of Sleep Mode Operations in IEEE 802.16e Terminals
Performance Evaluation of the Optimal Hierarchy for Cellular Networks
Channel Time Allocation and Routing Algorithm for Multi-hop Communications in IEEE 802.15.3 High-Rate WPAN Mesh Networks
Nonlinear Optimization of IEEE 802.11 Mesh Networks
Securely Deliver Data by Multi-path Routing Scheme in Wireless Mesh Networks
Cross-Layer Enhancement of IEEE 802.11 MAC for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
An Incremental Topology Control Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Networks
TCP Adaptation for Vertical Handoff Using Network Monitoring
Optimization of Mobile IPv6 Handover Performance Using E-HCF Method
HMIPv6 Applying User's Mobility Pattern in IP-Based Cellular Networks
Performance Analysis and Comparison of the MIPv6 and mSCTP Based Vertical Handoff
Reliability of Wireless Sensor Network with Sleeping Nodes
Energy Efficient Forwarding Scheme for Secure Wireless Ad Hoc Routing Protocols
Sender-Based TCP Scheme for Improving Performance in Wireless Environment
Design and Implementation of DLNA DMS Through IEEE1394
Efficient Measurement of the Eye Blinking by Using Decision Function for Intelligent Vehicles
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm Based on Two-Phase Cycle for Efficient Channel Utilization on Ethernet PON
Performance Evaluation of Binary Negative-Exponential Backoff Algorithm in Presence of a Channel Bit Error Rate
A Rough Set Based Anomaly Detection Scheme Considering the Age of User Profiles
Space-Time Coded MB-OFDM UWB System with Multi-channel Estimation for Wireless Personal Area Networks
Performance Enhancement of Multimedia Data Transmission by Adjusting Compression Rate
A Feasible Approach to Assigning System Components to Hybrid Task Sets in Real-Time Sensor Networking Platforms
Efficient Routing Scheme Using Pivot Node in Wireless Sensor Networks
Encoding-Based Tamper-Resistant Algorithm for Mobile Device Security
Adaptive Vertical Handoff Management Architecture
Performance Evaluation of the Route Optimization Scheme in Mobile IPv6
An ID-Based Random Key Pre-distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
An Adaptive Mobile System to Solve Large-Scale Problems in Wireless Networks
Answer Extracting Based on Passage Retrieval in Chinese Question Answering System
Performance Evaluation of Fully Adaptive Routing for the Torus Interconnect Networks
A Study on Phonemic Analysis for the Recognition of Korean Speech
Media Synchronization Framework for SVC Video Transport over IP Networks
Developing Value Framework of Ubiquitous Computing
An Enhanced Positioning Scheme Based on Optimal Diversity for Mobile Nodes in Ubiquitous Networks
TOMOON: A Novel Approach for Topology-Aware Overlay Multicasting
Fuzzy-Timing Petri Nets with Choice Probabilities for Response Time Analysis
A Telematics Service System Based on the Linux Cluster
Unequal Error Recovery Scheme for Multimedia Streaming in Application-Level Multicast
A Fast Handoff Scheme Between PDSNs in 3G Network
Privacy Protection for a Secure u-City Life
Hybrid Tag Anti-collision Algorithms in RFID Systems
Design and Implement Controllable Multicast Based Audio/Video Collaboration
Solving a Problem in Grid Applications: Using Aspect Oriented Programming
Energy-Aware QoS Adjustment of Multimedia Tasks with Uncertain Execution Time
SCA-Based Reconfigurable Access Terminal
Investigating Media Streaming in Multipath Multihop Wireless Network
A Low-Power 512-Bit EEPROM Design for UHF RFID Tag Chips
VPDP: A Service Discovery Protocol for Ubiquitous Computing
A Study on the Aspects of Successful Business Intelligence System Development

Robust Phase Tracking for High Capacity Wireless Multimedia Data Communication Networks
EVM's Java Dynamic Memory Manager and Garbage Collector
An Access Control Model in Lager-Scale P2P File Sharing Systems
Sink-Independent Model in Wireless Sensor Networks
An Update Propagation Algorithm for P2P File Sharing over Wireless Mobile Networks
P2P Mobile Multimedia Group Conferencing: Combining SIP, SSM and Scalable Adaptive Coding for Heterogeneous Networks
Federation Based Solution for Peer-to-Peer Network Management
A Feedback Based Adaptive Marking Algorithm for Assured Service
QoS-Aware MAP Selection Scheme Based on Average Handover Delay for Multimedia Services in Multi-level HMIPv6 Networks
On Composite Service Optimization Across Distributed QoS Registries
Estimating Flow Length Distributions Using Least Square Method and Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Local Link Protection Scheme in IP Networks
An Authentication Based Source Address Spoofing Prevention Method Deployed in IPv6 Edge Network
An Intrusion Plan Recognition Algorithm Based on Max-1-Connected Causal Networks
Impact of Buffer Map Cheating on the Streaming Quality in DONet
Architecture of STL Model of New Communication Network
Experience with SPM in IPv6
Dongting Lake Floodwater Diversion and Storage Modeling and Control Architecture Based on the Next Generation Network
Query Processing to Efficient Search in Ubiquitous Computing
Service and Management fo.
Shi, Yong, editor., Editor,
Albada, Geert Dick van. editor., Editor,
Dongarra, Jack. editor., Editor,
Sloot, Peter M.A. editor., Editor,
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