SOFSEM 2005: Theory and Practice of Computer Science [electronic resource] : 31st Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science, Liptovský Ján, Slovakia, January 22-28, 2005, Proceedings / edited by Maria Bieliková, Charon-Bost, Ondrej Sýkora, Peter Vojtás.

1st ed. 2005.
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This volume contains papers selected for presentation at the 31st Annual C- ference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Informatics - SOFSEM 2005, held on January 22-28, 2005 in LiptovskyJ ´ an, ´ Slovakia. The series of SOFSEM conferences, organized alternately in the Czech - public and Slovakia since 1974, has a well-established tradition. The SOFSEM conferences were originally intended to break the Iron Curtain in scienti?c - change. After the velvet revolution SOFSEM changed to a regular broad-scope international conference. Nowadays, SOFSEM is focused each year on selected aspects of informatics. This year the conference was organized into four tracks, each of them complemented by two invited talks: - Foundations of Computer Science (Track Chair: Bernadette Charron-Bost) - Modeling and Searching Data in the Web-Era (Track Chair: Peter Vojt´ a? s) - Software Engineering (Track Chair: M´ aria Bielikova) ´ - Graph Drawing (Track Chair: Ondrej Syk ´ ora) The aim of SOFSEM 2005 was, as always, to promote cooperation among professionalsfromacademiaandindustryworkinginvariousareasofinformatics. Each track was complemented by two invited talks. The SOFSEM 2005 Program Committee members coming from 13 countries evaluated 144 submissions (128 contributed papers and 16 student research - rum papers). After a careful review process (counting at least 3 reviews per paper), followed by detailed discussions in the PC, and a co-chairs meeting held on October 8, 2005 in Bratislava, Slovakia, 44 papers (overall acceptance rate 34.
Invited Talks
Discovering Treewidth
From Research Prototypes to Industrial Strength Open Source Products - The ObjectWeb Experience
How Hard Is It to Take a Snapshot?
Logical Foundations for Data Integration
Recent Advances in Graph Drawing
The Hyperdatabase Network - New Middleware for Searching and Maintaining the Information Space
Architecture of a Business Framework for the .NET Platform and Open Source Environments
Progress on Crossing Number Problems
Full Contributed Papers
Greedy Differential Approximations for Min Set Cover
A Methodology of Visual Modeling Language Evaluation
Local Computations on Closed Unlabelled Edges: The Election Problem and the Naming Problem
A Hierarchical Markovian Mining Approach for Favorite Navigation Patterns
Non-planar Orthogonal Drawings with Fixed Topology
A Topology-Driven Approach to the Design of Web Meta-search Clustering Engines
Computing Upward Planar Drawings Using Switch-Regularity Heuristics
Serial and Parallel Multilevel Graph Partitioning Using Fixed Centers
Two-Layer Planarization: Improving on Parameterized Algorithmics
On the Stability of Approximation for Hamiltonian Path Problems
Robustness of Composed Timed Systems
Topology Generation for Web Communities Modeling
Recursion Versus Replication in Simple Cryptographic Protocols
Modeling Data Integration with Updateable Object Views
Fixed-Parameter Tractable Algorithms for Testing Upward Planarity
Read/Write Based Fast-Path Transformation for FCFS Mutual Exclusion
Adjustment of Indirect Association Rules for the Web
Anonymous Communication with On-line and Off-line Onion Encoding
Characteristic Patterns for LTL
Planar Straight-Line Drawing in an Grid with Angular Resolution (1/n)
Modeling Nested Relationships in XML Documents Using Relational Databases
RAQ: A Range-Queriable Distributed Data Structure
On Some Weighted Satisfiability and Graph Problems
On the Security and Composability of the One Time Pad
Lower Bounds on the OBDD Size of Graphs of Some Popular Functions
XML-Based Declarative Access Control
VCD: A Visual Formalism for Specification of Heterogeneous Software Architectures
Cost-Constrained Minimum-Delay Multicasting
Ontology-Based Inconsistency Management of Software Requirements Specifications
The Best Student Paper
Suffix Tree Based Data Compression
Short Contributed Papers
Tier Aspect Model Based on Updatable Views
Well-Founded Metamodeling for Model-Driven Architecture
Stepwise Optimization Method for k-CNN Search for Location-Based Service
An Approach for Integrating Analysis Patterns and Feature Diagrams into Model Driven Architecture
Outerplanar Crossing Numbers of 3-Row Meshes, Halin Graphs and Complete p-Partite Graphs
Fast Bit-Vector Algorithms for Approximate String Matching Under Indel Distance
Feature Selection by Reordering
A Management Scheme for the Basic Types in High Level Languages
Bayesian Networks in Software Maintenance Management
A Multiagent System Aiding Information Retrieval in Internet Using Consensus Methods
Interval-Valued Data Structures and Their Application to e-Learning
Boolean Functions with a Low Polynomial Degree and Quantum Query Algorithms
Representation of Extended RBAC Model Using UML Language
A Methodology for Writing Class Contracts
Volumes of 3D Drawings of Homogenous Product Graphs.
Bielikova, Maria, editor., Editor,
Charon-Bost. editor., Editor,
Sýkora, Ondrej, editor., Editor,
Vojtáš, Peter, editor., Editor,
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